Break Away From The Crowd With These Underrated Las Vegas Spots

Las Vegas, NV, is famously known as the City of Sin. Its abundance of casinos and clubs is proof of this. During your Las Vegas trip, you might want to hover around the world-famous attractions. However, the city has a lot more to offer that you should check out. Here at Trade Show Travel Co., we can create an affordable travel package that immerses you in the sights and sounds of Las Vegas. These include some underrated and overlooked tourist spots that we highly recommend. Let us plan your vacation adventure!

Dig This

What is more fun than operating massive construction equipment and being able to make as much of a mess as you want? This question is the mantra of Dig This, an “adult sandbox” that allows participants to operate such equipment as bulldozers and excavators. Located right outside of the Las Vegas city limits, blow off some steam and have fun in the desert with this equipment.

The Neon Museum

While the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign isn’t going away any time soon, some colorful signs of the city were not so lucky. Thankfully, they have found a new home at the Neon Museum, dedicated solely to Las Vegas’s past eclectic signs. Tour the Neon Boneyard to see signs unable to be restored and our yearly artist-in-residence exhibits. We guarantee that visiting the Neon Museum will light up your vacation.


A Louis Vuitton shop might seem like a strange place to host an art exhibit, but stranger things have happened in Las Vegas. In the back of this designer shop sits an immersive light experience from artist James Turrell called “Akhob” that has you kick off your shoes and stand alone with the light and your thoughts. You might even forget that Las Vegas is right outside! This attraction is so exclusive that it books tickets at least a month out, so don’t wait to reserve your spot. Make sure you add this to your vacation adventure!

Springs Reserve

You might become overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas, so needing to get away to some nature might sound appealing. At Springs Reserve, you can wander through an 8-acre botanical garden or admire the numerous nature exhibits. Best of all, though? It is shortly outside of Las Vegas’s city limits. So you do not have to worry about driving too far away from your hotel to experience the beauty of Las Vegas.

Secret Restaurants and Bars

If you are up for an adventure, why not go searching for the numerous secret spots around the Las Vegas strip? Believe it or not, many terrific restaurants and bars are away in inconspicuous places. Some are even in other restaurants! So whether you are looking for a New York-style pizza or an old-fashioned cocktail, searching and finding these establishments can become a day’s worth of fun.

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Top Five Places to Visit in Miami Beach

When you visit Miami, expect to be drawn to a plethora of intriguing destinations and attractions. After all, Miami is a bustling city of culture and entertainment that you should immerse yourself in. However, it might not be easy to distinguish where you want to go since there is so much to do. It’s really difficult to find the best places to visit in Miami Beach without any assistance. So let our team here at Trade Show Travel Co. help! 

Why Miami?

Well, why not Miami? Not only is the city steeped in history and culture, but it is a great place to visit at any point of the year. Of course, some cities can only be lovely to visit during a specific time of the year. However, this certainly isn’t the case with Miami, as it is always bustling and warm. 

With this in mind, here are our top 5 places to visit in Miami Beach!

The Beaches, Of Course!

If you didn’t initially plan on visiting Miami’s famous beaches, it’s time to change that right now. Famous for its white sand and crystal clear waters, the beaches of Miami are a wonderful place to soak in the sun. No matter where you are in the city, a beach is right around the corner.

Wynwood Walls

Street art is just as beautiful and vital as any other fine art, so why not dedicate an outdoor museum to it? That is precisely what Wynwood Walls is. Stroll through the museum and take in the immersive street art of both local and internationally known artists. Whether you take a stroll on your own or book a guided tour, you’ll fall in love with the art that Wynwood Walls has to offer. 

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

Originally constructed as a winter retreat villa, the 43-acre Vizcaya Museum & Gardens is a beautiful time capsule of 1900s grandeur. Much of the original furnishings are still intact to immerse guests into the museum’s experience. You will find yourself amazed at the beauty of the estate and its even more beautiful gardens. 

Española Way

Take a trip back in time without leaving the present! Española Way is a pedestrian street from the 1920s that was previously an artist colony. Now, the buildings are experiencing new life with shops, hotels, and restaurants. Take in the beautiful architecture and support local businesses at the same time!

Robert is Here

Speaking of small businesses, did you know that one of the most famous tourist stops in Miami is a fruit stand? Established in the 1950s, Robert is Here carries exotic fruits and vegetables from all over the world and has been operated by Robert Moehling since he was nine years old! So if you are looking to taste some delicious preserves or have a unique milkshake, stop by Robert is Here.

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When Is The Best Time To Go To The Wisconsin Dells?

The Wisconsin Dells is the destination if you want to enjoy the outdoors and especially Water parks. It is well known for being a large tourist destination for those who want to get their feet wet! The question is… when is the perfect time to go? When is the best time to go to the Wisconsin Dells? When to go to see the attractions for all of their glory? Find out about when is the best time to go to the Dells and what destinations there are for you to explore while there!

Summer Fun In The Sun

The first obvious answer is to hit the water parks during the Summer! Wisconsin Dells is world-famous for its outdoor water parks including Chula Vista Resort Water parks, Kalahari Resort Water parks, and Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park. These exciting destinations are best appreciated when the weather is warm and encouraging you to enjoy a splash in the water. You can enjoy tanning in the sun with Tiki drinks! Go on magical waterslides that take you all over the park! Even enjoy a nice leisurely swim through a lazy river!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the water parks, but there is a catch. Summer is obviously the Dells’ busiest season, so lines and crowds are something to consider. However, if you want to enjoy the outdoors you could instead opt into hiking or fishing. There is also the famous Wisconsin Deer Park which will allow you to enjoy the wildlife stroll! Pass through a beautiful landscape as deer join by your side! A forest reserve famous for nature trails and camping is the Mirror Lake State Park.

Off-Season Destinations

If those crowds are something you don’t want to deal with, going in the middle of December is your best bet. Many families stay home for the Winter, and you will not have to deal with as many expenses. Many of the outdoor parks are closed, but there are plenty of indoor destinations that will provide great fun. The Great Wolf Lodge Water park has three indoor water parks if you’re still looking for a swim. There is also Knuckleheads which include bowling, an arcade, and Go-Kart riding. If you ever get hungry, you can also go to Moosejaw’s Pizza which also serves handcrafted Beer. There is Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum in the Wisconsin Dells if you’re interested in seeing odd and strange things. Even if the weather isn’t the most agreeable, there are still plenty of things to do in the Dells!

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Phuket Thailand Resorts and Destinations

Phuket is a forested mountainous island that contains some of Thailand’s most famous beaches. The largest island in Thailand is well known for its high-end resorts and restaurants. There are many things to do, but where should you begin? There are many beautiful Phuket Thailand Resorts to stay at and beaches to go relax at! Here are some highlights of famous places to see and explore while in Phuket!

Phuket Thailand Resorts

One of the most famous resorts in Thailand is the Nai Harn, which is Phuket’s first luxury resort. The Nai Harn is famous for its stunning ocean views as well as the amenities provided. Contains top-notch restaurants, a sea-view rooftop lounge, a large swimming pool, and a day spa for all your vacation needs. If you’re interested in getting into the ocean the resort offers snorkeling, scuba diving, or sailing!

If the Nai Harn is a little classy for your liking there is Amari Phuket! Amari Phuket is less than an hour’s drive from Phuket International Airport. It is a 5-minute walk from Patong Beach and 20 km from the Chalong Temple. This is a perfect resort for a family of any size. It includes a Kids Club, three swimming pools, and a clubhouse for all sorts of activities.

Another famous resort is the Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Merlin Beach. It is a 5-star hotel that is perfect for business travelers and couples looking for a beach-side view from Thailand’s Tri-Trang Beach. They have a swim-up bar, many hotel restaurants, and up to 8,000 square feet of event venues! There are plenty of places for you to stay and enjoy your time at Phuket!

Famous Phuket Destinations

Phuket city is a famous city known for its Buddhist temples and famous markets. Located in Phuket’s Old Town is Thalang Road. This narrow street is full to the brim with attractions, shops, and restaurants. On Sunday evenings it becomes Walking Street which allows visitors to explore and experience many Thai culinary dishes and crafts. Live music plays during the whole event. There is Khao Rang Viewpoint as well, which contains a beautiful open pagoda. Large gardens and trees surround the viewpoint which makes it a very natural setting. If you’re interested in learning more about the history of Phuket then check out the Phuket Thai Hua Museum! It was originally the first Chinese Language school in Phuket that was eventually renovated into a learning community. It is a hub for cultural activities on top of being a memorial for the community ancestors.

Want To Travel To Phuket?

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Kona Hawaii Beaches & Other Destinations

Kailua-Kona is located on the west coast of The Big Island of Hawaii. Kona is a sunny seaside town that is perfect for an island getaway. Kona Hawaii Beaches are not only famous for their white sand but also the markets of locally produced goods. It is also quite famous for its brand of coffee that is locally grown in the area. Here is a guide to some of the highlight locations that can be found in Kona! Learn how you can best use your time if you decide to go and visit.

Kona Hawaii Beaches

Kona Hawaii Beaches are a sight for the eyes, but possibly one of the best beaches is Mahai’ula Beach. The one downside that getting to this beach involves going through a very bumpy road, but the destination is almost assuredly worth it. It is a gorgeous beach that contains plenty of trees to provide shade. The water is a crystal clear blue that is perfect for swimming in. Due to it being off the beaten path, it is usually never crowded. This makes it the perfect destination if you’re willing to make the trip. Another beach to check out is Ai’opio Beach. This beach is part of the Kaloko-Honokohau National Historic Park. There are plenty of artifacts here that showcase how Hawaiians used to live to make this the best destination for history buffs.

Kamakahonu Beach, also known as King Kam Beach, is a beach famous for its snorkeling and sunbathing. It is in front of the King Kamehameha hotel. This is one of the best destinations for small kids. There is also colorful coral that grows not too far from the beach. It’s quick and easy to get to making it one of the easiest beaches to plan around. If you would like the chance to see some Spinner Dolphins, Kealakekua Bay Park is the destination for you. You can even visit a monument erected for Captain Cook.

Other Kona Destinations

One of the first things to keep in mind is that Kona is THE BEST PLACE to get souvenirs while on the Big Island. Ali’i Drive has many souvenirs and other knickknacks for you to purchase from its market. Also, on Ali’i Drive is Hulihe’e Palace. This was a vacation home for Hawaiian Royalty that was eventually converted into a museum showcasing Hawaiian furniture and artifacts. If you’re interested in enjoying some craft beer the Kona Brewing Co has all sorts of options for you to try. It also has live music playing and tours for you to go on. Mokuaikaua Church is the oldest Christian church on the Hawaiian Islands with the building dating back to the 1830s.

Plan A Trip to Kona Today

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