When Is The Best Time To Go To The Wisconsin Dells?

The Wisconsin Dells is the destination if you want to enjoy the outdoors and especially Water parks. It is well known for being a large tourist destination for those who want to get their feet wet! The question is… when is the perfect time to go? When is the best time to go to the Wisconsin Dells? When to go to see the attractions for all of their glory? Find out about when is the best time to go to the Dells and what destinations there are for you to explore while there!

Summer Fun In The Sun

The first obvious answer is to hit the water parks during the Summer! Wisconsin Dells is world-famous for its outdoor water parks including Chula Vista Resort Water parks, Kalahari Resort Water parks, and Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park. These exciting destinations are best appreciated when the weather is warm and encouraging you to enjoy a splash in the water. You can enjoy tanning in the sun with Tiki drinks! Go on magical waterslides that take you all over the park! Even enjoy a nice leisurely swim through a lazy river!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the water parks, but there is a catch. Summer is obviously the Dells’ busiest season, so lines and crowds are something to consider. However, if you want to enjoy the outdoors you could instead opt into hiking or fishing. There is also the famous Wisconsin Deer Park which will allow you to enjoy the wildlife stroll! Pass through a beautiful landscape as deer join by your side! A forest reserve famous for nature trails and camping is theĀ Mirror Lake State Park.

Off-Season Destinations

If those crowds are something you don’t want to deal with, going in the middle of December is your best bet. Many families stay home for the Winter, and you will not have to deal with as many expenses. Many of the outdoor parks are closed, but there are plenty of indoor destinations that will provide great fun. The Great Wolf Lodge Water park has three indoor water parks if you’re still looking for a swim. There is also Knuckleheads which include bowling, an arcade, and Go-Kart riding. If you ever get hungry, you can also go to Moosejaw’s Pizza which also serves handcrafted Beer. There is Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum in the Wisconsin Dells if you’re interested in seeing odd and strange things. Even if the weather isn’t the most agreeable, there are still plenty of things to do in the Dells!

Go Enjoy The Dells Today

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