What To Do Before Leaving For Your Island Travel Destination

Island Travel DestinationAs exciting as it may be to travel to an island, it can be quite overwhelming. The reason is that you will be so excited to hit the crystal clear waters for tanning that there is a high chance of forgetting certain important things to do before leaving for your Island Travel Destination.

To make things easier for you, we have made a list of everything you need to take care of before leaving for your destination.

  1. Confirm All Rentals

If you are renting a car or anything else, it is important for you to call/confirm your arrangement before arriving, for your convenience. Moreover, you need to ask what side of the road you will be driving on, for example, in Belize you will be on the right side whereas in the British Virgin Islands you will be on the left side.

  1. Pack Travel Documents

It is important to make copies of your travel documents (passport, licenses, reservation info) before you leave for your trip. Make sure you are not packing the copies and originals together because the copies will be backup if you misplace the original documents.

  1. Pack the Right Clothes

Since you are going to an island, it is important to pack beach clothes, but it is important to keep formal attire as well in case you go sightseeing or for dinners. For example, if you are planning on going to a historic church, you should not be wearing a bathing suit with sandals; therefore, you must plan and pack accordingly.

  1. Take Sunscreen

Although you will be able to purchase sunscreen on the island, it is important to have some on hand for when you arrive. Moreover, it is smarter to pack sunscreen that your skin is used to rather than buying a sunscreen that will have reverse reactions on your skin.

  1. Be Aware Of What You Will Be Doing and What You Need To Take

When you are packing your clothes, it is important to do some research on your island so you know what activities you will be taking part in. If you are residing near a snorkel beach then you may want to take your personal snorkels. This way you will not have to spend on the renting or put someone else’s mouthpiece in your mouth.

  1. Take a Waterproof Case

It is not crucial to pack a waterproof case because taking Ziploc bags is helpful as well. It is important to secure your phone and other valuables in waterproof bags when you are at the beach or when you are doing water sports.

  1. Talk to Credit Card Companies

Before going to the island, it is important for you to talk to your credit card company and inform them where you will be going. This way your credit card will not decline when you are paying for food or souvenirs. Moreover, this way your credit card will not suspect anything fraudulent.

By keeping these things in mind before leaving for your Island Travel Destination, you will ensure lots of fun and peace of mind.

Quick Vacations: 5 Best Tropical Beaches to Visit in 2020

Summer vacation is around the corner! As the temperature is rising, so is the demand for beach trips. Get on the ocean bandwagon and check out the best tropical beaches of 2020 you must visit at least once!

1.     Daytona Beach (Florida)

The thriving beach city of Daytona is a broad stretch of 23 miles of white sand. With options to choose from sand driving, water sports, paragliding and various other beachy activities, this is the perfect place to get some sun and some fun!

Clean, well organized and easy to access, it’s a great trip to make if you’re out of plans last minute – and out of budget! You can enjoy the beautiful sunrise tanning until sundown while checking out stores studding the beachfront for some cool drinks!

2.     Miami Beach (Florida)

Known for the glamour and paradise the city is host to, the beachfront is a breathtaking venue of its own. With resorts dotting the oceanfront, and options to visit private beachfronts, you’re never away from the sun nor the ocean for long!

Spend your mornings jet-skiing across the turquoise waters or fine dining at the star-studded restaurants at the waterfront. And not to mention the stunning night life which you absolutely do not want to miss if you’re a party animal!

3.     Virginia Beach (Virginia)

The big city and the ocean paired together makes for an exciting vacation. With amazing options to explore in the city, you can come rest at the beach front and enjoy the finest of Virginia’s oceans!

Boardwalks, shopping, and beautiful beaches, it’s a favorite for families and large groups to have an enjoyable vacation. With plenty of options to hike near the ocean and to kayak in the chill blue waters, it’s a thrill seeker’s paradise come true, too!

4.     Lake Tahoe (California)

If you’re the outdoorsy type or simply looking for serenity, this is your perfect paradise. The lakefront is a gorgeous site to relax and unwind at. And for the adventurous kind, swimming, windsurfing and kayaking opportunities are available too!

With 24-hour casinos and a thriving night life, you’re definitely going to love this relaxed getaway from your busy lives. With sunlit days to explore the lake’s beauty and the night to explore the city’s hospitality you’re definitely going to be visiting again!

5.     Nassau (Bahamas)

Every bit as exciting as the Bahamas you’ve seen in movies, the big city life and tropical beaches are a sight to be experienced.

With modern life all around, beautiful hotels and bustling night life, the Bahamas is a place for the young at heart. With options to explore Paradise islands, to swim with the dolphins, relaxing at waterscapes and shopping in the big city, you’re never going to be bored!

So what are you waiting for? Head onto Trade Co & Travel Show to see some amazing day and night packages you can avail for the summer – or now!

Best Destinations For Your Budget

Budget travel is all about cheap destinations that offer great experiences. There are many of those so if you are confused about where to travel this holiday season, we’ve come up with a list of the best budget destinations around the world.

  1. Sri Lanka

From wildlife safari to mountain climbing, this place is packed with surprises. There are also glistening beaches and colorful temples. This country has a lot of budget foods like samosas which you need to try. There is cheap accommodation and the bus and train are two of the easiest ways to get around.

  1. Cambodia

Cambodia is a wonderful Southeast Asian country. It’s affordable, beautiful, and hospitable. It’s one of the cheapest backpacking destinations in the world and you can spend as little as $20 on a good private room.

  1. South Korea

South Korea is a great undiscovered region. Its prices rival the Southeast Asian places. The region is high tech in general and the food is delicious. The country is beautiful and the nightlife is great. It’s definitely an underrated travel destination. Traveling and accommodation costs are also highly affordable.

  1. Taiwan

This island country is another underrated place. Given its size, you can easily explore it on motorcycle, bus, or train. There are ancient temples, lovely landscapes, and rainforest trails to take. You will find cheap yet delicious meals and comfortable accommodation here.

  1. Hungary

This Eastern European country is home to Europe’s charm, without the price tag. The red-bricked city offers culture, greenery, and amazing parks. You can explore the medieval villages, centuries-old basilicas, and try out the affordable cuisine.

  1. Australia

Australia’s continually dropping dollar has put it on the list for budget destinations. There are loads of sights to see – from rainforests and white beaches to wildlife and rust-colored deserts. There’s a great budget backpack trail and couch-surfing is a great way to accommodate you cheaply.

  1. Iceland

The Icelandic Krona has dropped against the Euro and continues to fall in value. Iceland is a great place to see the Northern Lights, volcanoes, glaciers and simply explore long and open roads. There is budget accommodation and food available as well.

  1. South Africa

It’s very diverse in terms of nature, people, and activities. The cost of food and getting around is pretty low so you should definitely add it to your list of budget destinations.

  1. Nepal

Nepal is home to lush tea fields, bustling towns, exotic wildlife, and glacial lakes. It is one of the cheapest destinations on the list, food and accommodation wise.

  1. Romania

This is one of Europe’s overlooked regions. The Transylvanian region has places like Brasov – a place you definitely want to visit. It is a postcard town. You can get around in an inexpensive manner to see the cobblestone lanes and medieval watchtowers through a double-decker bus.

So now that you know the best budget destinations, you don’t have to spend too much to have a great holiday at a beautiful place.

Getting Acquainted with Hawaii the Local Way

So, Lilo and Stitch is one of your favorite Disney animated movies? Seeing Lilo travel around the picturesque whereabouts of Hawaii with Stitch in tow set to the backdrop of Elvis Presley tunes has left several of us yearn for your own Hawaiian vacation!

Well you do not have to keep on yearning; vacationing in Hawaii is easy, evidenced by the vast number of tourists just last year. What such a large number of tourists can do though is dilute the actual experience of the setting and prevent you from really savoring the local culture and flavor.

Here are some particularly important tips to consider if you want to experience your idyllic Hawaiian vacation the truly local way:

1. Disconnect

Seeing scores of vainglorious tourist pictures and selfies with local monuments and destinations is nothing new. It is pretty much guaranteed whenever someone goes on vacation they will pretty soon be bombarding their social media sites with imagery.

If that is what you went to do however then how is that any different from back home?

The first thing therefore upon landing in Hawaii is getting rid of that cycle of likes and comments. Disconnect and unplug and turnoff every social media account you have, unwind and unburden yourself from today’s incessant craving for always online connection and electronics.

Keep your Elvis Presley tunes handy though, sometimes stereotypes work. Sipping pina-colada on a beach with the waves caressing your feet and Elvis serenading you is something even locals would be game for.

2. Travel the Path Less Trodden

With the number of tourists in Hawaii, particularly during the prime seasons, it’s more than likely that instead of taking in the history and majesty of local culture and sights, you will be greeting the same mundane rote faces as back home.

It will be a miracle if you can even get to enjoy any of the popular hotspots, that is why a keen local would tell you to travel to some of the far-off less visited places. The comparative lower tourist density there would allow you to soak in and really enjoy the local setting more.

3. Local People, Local Food

What do most tourists generally do? Book rooms in hotels and resorts with overpriced food!

The experienced traveler would tell you to really get to put yourself in local shoes, perhaps bar any other advice; Savor local cuisine from local people. Soul food is the essence of any culture, and you will not get that at posh hotels and buffets. You will find them at quaint homes with recipes going back generations or from famous roadside stalls and hawker carts going back decades and people cooking up the best freshest meat and seafood available in warm homely settings.

The tips above may seem general but it is all the more important to hammer in the basics for areas that are already crawling with tourists.

So what are you waiting for? Book your dream Hawaiian vacation now and remember, enjoy it like a local.

3 Reasons to Visit Picasso’s Hometown This Spring

Planning your next exotic vacation?

Want to visit the beautiful coastal beaches and get a chance to visit the birthplace of one of the most influential and famous artists of our time? The coastal city of Malaga is the place for you then.

Following are some key reasons why you should plan for a trip to vacation in the famed artist’s hometown.

1. History

With a history of 3000 years, Malaga is one of the oldest culturally and historically preserved cities of the world. Being ruled by a variety of empires from the Romans to Muslims to Christian reconquistadors, the city presents numerous structures and monuments in its designs which showcase its vast history.

How many other cities present the chance to see a crisscross of different empires and their different aesthetics and designs?

It is also light on the wallet since most of the different monuments and museums have free entry and do not require ticketing, leaving you free to frolic and visit at your convenience.

2. Beaches

Located on the Costa del Sol or Coast of The Sun in southern Spain, Malaga is the prime place to be to experience the serene beauty and tranquil blue waters of a coastal paradise.

Particularly so in the spring where temperatures are warm and perfect to soak in the sun’s ray while relaxing by the ocean, if you love the sea then a retreat to Malaga’s beaches is a must.

The beaches themselves are only at a distance of 10-15 minutes from the city with upscale establishments a bit further away.

3. Picasso

How could any Malaga vacation guide be left complete without mentioning Picasso?

Get the opportunity to visit the birthplace of the artistic giant.

Granted Picasso left Malaga at an early age but his influence, presence and impact on Malaga remain even today. Take a trip to the specifically named Picasso route to explore the place of his birth which has been converted into a museum and displays many of his art pieces.

Imagine yourself in his shoes and imagine how his inspirations came to be, walking the streets of this ancient city touched by many cultures.

What Are You Waiting For?

Plan your trip today and fly out to Malaga. Even if you cannot quite manage to catch Malaga in spring, you need not worry as it remains warm throughout 8 months of the year, with even winters being mild.

The absolute freshness, abundance and quality of the food, particularly seafood that Malaga offers will definitely impress your taste buds. Majestic history, sunny beaches and visiting a legend, what else could you need?



10 Bucket List Destinations to Visit At least Once in Your Lifetime

Bucket List Destinations to Visit At least Once in Your Lifetime

Traveling is one of the best and most rewarding ways to spend your money. If you are planning to travel, here are 10 Bucket List Destinations that are just too good to not visit.

1. Paris

The city of romance is amazing for sightseeing and cuisine. Whether it’s for visiting the Eiffel Tower or looking at art at the Louvre, you must visit Paris.

2. Sintra, Portugal

This UNESCO Heritage Site is like walking into the set of a movie on medieval times. Some attractions include the Moorish Castle and the National Palace of Sintra but you might want to wander the streets as well.

3. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

This is the largest coral reef system on earth and is located just off the coast of Queensland, Australia. It is, however, sadly disappearing rapidly due to problems like pollution and climate change.

4. The Pyramids of Giza

Built sometime around 2500 BC, the Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest remaining of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Everyone should go take a look at this resilient structure.

5. Cancun

A boat ride in Cancun will allow you to swim with the largest fish in the world. It’s a thrilling experience like nothing else.

6. The Colosseum

Rome has numerous places to visit but for history lovers, the Colosseum is the place to go. It’s one of the most impressive sites in the world. A stadium from about 2,000 years ago is surely worth marveling at.

7. View the Northern Lights in Finland

Seeing the Northern Lights should be on your bucket-list destinations. The glass igloo in Finland is the place to go to view them properly.

8. Cape Town

Cape Town has stunning landscapes and delicious cuisines. The city is very lively and there are activities for people of all ages. If you want to have fun, head out to Cape Town.

9. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Also referred to as the home of fairies in Croatia, this is one of the most mesmerizing places on earth. The cascading lakes of blue on the background of green are marvelous.

10. Rio

The Rio Carnival is a festival of music, dance, and celebration. You should visit Rio when this Carnival is in full swing.

So now that you know which 10 Bucket List Destinations you have to visit at least once in your lifetime go for it! If you need help in the process, be sure to ask the travel guide pros at Trade Show Travel Co. to guide you in the right direction and plan a great traveling experience for you and your loved ones! Visit us by clicking here and let us plan your next trip today! 

Best Florida Beaches

Wondering What The Best Florida Beaches Are?

Assembling a record of a portion of the most loved sea shore relaxes in Florida it is kind of an overwhelming activity. The rundown is hugely long to choose from, too what criteria you use to pick which spot is the victor? Obviously any plan of goals will need to make a portion of the primary decision spots to travel for any recompense and for each excursion circumstance for Best Florida Beaches.

I will start with the Best Florida Beaches and Florida sea shore goals at the cost, the convenience, and the peaceful sights and flawless white sands. Point of fact a portion of these choices might be similar to different records out there, there are a great deal out there and its characteristic to concede to a large number of these sea shores.

Miami Florida Beaches

We can’t give a rundown of the best sea shores in Florida without including Miami Beach. This is no ifs, ands or buts one of the most notable sea shore spots in the whole state if not the world.

The region is loaded with craftsmanship deco inns and other compositional structures that you won’t see anyplace else. Miami Fl positively has a character all to its own. Some of the best cafés in South Miami are closeness to the sea shore.

Furthermore this is where a great deal of excellent superstars and A rundown models adventure here to party. So you may get the opportunity to observe one of your most respected on-screen characters or on-screen characters having a great time in South Miami or unwinding on the sea shore or feasting out.

Siesta Key Florida

I select the sea shores of Siesta Key as the best sea shore in Florida. This has been demonstrated to be the situation in different travel projects and Internet records. It is clear explorers who thought this sea shore spot was the best had their reasons however I will list my purposes behind you. This sea shore is by a wide margin one of the least grimy in the entirety of Florida; it will be hard to find any junk around when you invest energy in the sea shore.

Too the facilities and restaurants in the region are probably the best in Florida. One of the culinary capitals of Florida must be the Sarasota district as a portion of the world class cooks move there to find a new line of work. The rentals are a wide range in cost from the close by Ritz Carlton to the most economical mother and pop motel and other little rentals. Ordinarily you may want to remain in a little B&B when traveling in Siesta Key. Those littler spots are difficult to discover however they totally give engage when you can find a spot.

Pass a Grille Florida

As of now you maybe won’t have scholarly of this little sea shore zone. This is one of those mystery detects that numerous Florida occupants will want to hold to themselves. Anyway this is an ideal town in the event that you need to take in the genuine Florida.

A greater part of the occupants visit here on their outing to escape from the enormous number of explorers of their sea shores. There are heaps of spots to eat and lodgings that are one of a kind to the zone. Also you will be close to the Tampa Bay zone so there are a large number of attractions in the event that you get exhausted by what is accessible.

Panama City Beach

This incredible sea shore in Florida got renowned as a top sea shore goal for some spring breakers to proceed to have an awesome time. More often than not of the year this sea shore can be pretty much calm and loose. On the off chance that you happen to go when spring break hits, at that point you are sure to go over numerous boisterous young people and different partiers.

Since this town is made for the school and twenty something age you won’t locate countless exorbitant eateries and lodging in the region. They are certainly accessible on the off chance that you wish to use them, they are simply not copious as in some different urban areas in Florida.

The Beaches of Bradenton

Directly down the shoreline from Sarasota is Bradenton Beach. This sea shore takes into account a wide scope of explorers as there truly are not very numerous high class inns and top of the line housing in the Bradenton Beach region. What you will find is a flawless sea shore that pretty much everybody can visit when it comes to Best Florida Beaches, and many do.

Best Beach Destinations

If you enjoy sandy terrains and pearly waters, you might be looking to travel to a beach. Whether you want an isolated stretch of sand or a family-friendly beach, there are loads of options available. Here’s a list of the best beach destinations you will find around the world.

Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

Providenciales is home to the Grace Bay Beach which is one of the top best beach destinations in the Caribbean. This is because it has coral reefs for snorkeling, clear waters, and a stretch of soft, white sand which is never overcrowded.

Kamalame Cay, the Bahamas

This is a private island which offers an isolated sanctuary and clear waters.  You can experience adventures here and discover the underwater life through a scuba diving expedition.

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

One of the most popular beaches in the world, it has shallow waters perfect for children and dramatic rock formations. It also has lovely resorts where you can stay.

Palm Beach, Aruba

This beach is full of activities that will keep you busy all day and night. From parasailing and kayaking to snorkeling and paddle boarding, you can try all kinds of things. You can even head out to casinos and restaurants nearby. This beach also has activities for your kids such as arts and crafts or movie nights.

Curaco, the Caribbean

This enticing island is well-known for its coral reefs and historic downtown area lined with boutiques. There are also loads of things to eat and great places to stay.

Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii is famous for its beaches and this particular beach offers unique elements in winters and summers. It’s an excellent place for snorkeling and, as evident from the name, you have got to enjoy a sunset here.

Bathsheba Beach, Barbados

The shoreline is rugged and wild and surfers and people gather here to see a natural phenomenon called “Soup Bowl” where the waves crash into the white sand and boulders. There’s a lot to do here from sailing to outdoor movie nights.

Bali, Indonesia

You can find your beach nirvana here as spirituality is a part of the daily life at this beach. Kelingking Beach is among the best of the Bali beaches and Gunung Payung Beach is a hidden gem.

Psarou Beach, Mykonos, Greece

There are loads of restaurants and bars on this sandy beach. There are a lot of water sports you can engage in and lovely resorts like the Santa Marina to stay in.

Peter Island, British Virgin Islands

This island features five secluded beaches. You can indulge in authentic Caribbean food and enjoy the luxurious villas and suites. You can also sign up for the Sunset Loop which is an exciting ride up the mountain roads to one of the highest points of the island.


Now that you know what the best beach destinations are, you can head out during your summer or winter holidays and make the most of your time there!





How to Travel with a Pet

When making travel decisions regarding pets, you should choose the safest and most comfortable option there is. You need to make pre-travel plans to successfully travel with a pet.

These include the following tips:

Rehearse With Your Pet

If you’ve never taken your pet along for a long journey, you might want to prepare them by taking them on short car rides and then gradually increasing the time. You should also put them in the crate or carrier so they are used to it.

Buy the Right Carrier or Crate

If you are buying a carrier or a crate, ensure that it is International Air Transport Association (IATA) approved. You should also see to it that the crate is large enough for your pet to sit and turn around in.

Prepare the Crate for Comfort

Line the crate with absorbent bedding. You can also keep a frozen bowl of water which melts when your pet gets thirsty. Properly close the crate but don’t lock it so you can access it in case of emergencies. Keep a bag of dry foods to the outside of the crate so you can feed your pet during the long journey. Also, attach your pet’s identification so as not to misplace them.

No Crate, No Problem

If you don’t have a crate then make sure your pet keeps its head inside the vehicle at all times. Pets in the back seat should be kept in a harness which can be attached to the seat belt buckle.

After making pre-travel plans, you should research the travel with a pet rules of the destination you plan to visit. Many countries have specific vaccination, health and quarantine rules.

When it comes to travelling with pets on an airline, you should research the different rules as well. There are different in-cabin pet travel requirements so you should check up on those. If you plan to travel by boat then check the pet policy there.

Don’t leave your pet alone on a vehicle to avoid theft and heatstroke etc.

After preparing for the mode of travel, you want to ensure that your accommodation allows pets. Make sure your accommodation is pet-friendly. Review the rules of the types of pets allowed before making travel plans.

You should ensure your pet is healthy before setting out to travel. This means getting tests done, taking their medications and making one last trip to the vet. You can even consider investing in calming products for your pet like lavender oil or taking their favorite toy along. You can also keep collars and leashes for restraining purposes if need be.

Another  important tip is to also watch your pet’s diet before the trip to make sure they don’t have an upset stomach and to prepare them for the travel diet. Lastly, you should have an emergency plan in case you need to send your pet back home for some reason. You can also get pet insurance if you feel that is necessary.

Now that you know how to travel with a pet, make the most of your travel plans!

The Safest Countries in the World

If you are looking to travel the world, there’s a high chance that you are probably concerned about your safety and rightly so. That’s why we’ve created a list of the safest countries in the world to help you in your travels. Interestingly, most of these countries are in Europe. 


The factors that are taken into account to consider safety include crime rates, murder rates, terrorist attacks, corruption and weapons exchange. Iceland’s violent crime rate is extremely low and its murder rate is also very low. It has been ranked the safest country in the world about 11 times. So why not go marvel at its beauty and feel completely at ease while doing so?


Switzerland has the lowest crime rate in the world. The murder rate is also below 1%. So if you want to see beautiful landscapes and feel safe at the same time, this is the place to go. 


Finland is the third least corrupt and third most socially just country of the world. The medical risks, security and road safety all demonstrate the lowest threat level. So you want to see this wonderful and safe region during your travels. 


Portugal is perhaps the third safest country in the world. There’s no small crime or theft. It’s also a safe place to live in. There are very few natural disasters. It is one of the least likely places to have a terrorist attack. So Portugal definitely deserves a place on this list. 

New Zealand

New Zealand has a peaceful community. There’s freedom of movement in public places. The rate of corruption is also very low. There’s no dangerous wildlife either if you are worried about something of the sort. So go marvel at this safe country!


Norway ranks second in world safety. So you don’t have to worry about theft, assault or walking alone at night. Norway’s citizens have faith in their safety so there’s nothing to worry about there. 


Canada’s violent crime rate is very modest. It also has better gun laws than other countries. Canada’s courts provide justice faster than other courts. Criminals have a higher chance of being caught. So visit this peaceful country during your travels.


With one of the lowest crime rates in the world, Singapore remains a safe nation. There are punishments handed out for small crimes. There’s a chewing gum ban and generally, violations of the law are punished severely. 

Czech Republic

In the heart of Central Europe, the Czech Republic is a safe and stunning country. There are no serious threats to this country. The mugging, terrorism and pick-pocketing risk is low. So visit this region whenever you want!


The Netherlands is active in UN Peacekeeping efforts and remains one of the safest countries in the world. You don’t want to miss out on the beauty it has to offer, all the while feeling completely secure.

Now that you know the countries which are safe to travel to, go visit them at your convenience and have a safe and great time. If you need help in the process, be sure to ask the travel guide pros at Trade Show Travel Co. to guide you in the right direction and plan a great traveling experience for you and your loved ones! Visit us by clicking here and let us plan your next trip today!