Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Chocolate in Burlington, VT

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate with your loved one than to indulge in delicious chocolates? Burlington, VT, is home to some of the best chocolate makers in the area and offers plenty of options for couples looking to get their sweet fixes. Here are just a few of the local chocolate shops Trade Show Travel Co. can help bring you to that should be on your list this year.

Why Should you Celebrate in Burlington?

A variety of chocolate makers and shops will make for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day experience. Let’s consider why you should celebrate with chocolate in Burlington! 

  • The Variety of Options – One of the great things about celebrating with chocolate in Burlington is the sheer variety of options available. Whether you are looking for sweet truffles, crunchy nuts, or creamy caramels, there is something to satisfy any craving. And don’t forget to check out some of the unique flavors, like maple bacon or honey lavender, that can only be found in Vermont! You can also find vegan and gluten-free options and delicious pastries and cookies. Whatever your taste buds desire, you will find it here in Burlington. 
  • Tastings & Events – Many local chocolatiers host events throughout the year where customers can sample their creations and learn more about the process of making chocolate. On Valentine’s Day weekend, many stores offer special tastings and events featuring samples from local chocolatiers. These events allow visitors to try something new while getting to know some of Burlington’s best candy makers! Plus, they make great date ideas if you’re looking for something fun and romantic to do this holiday season. 
  • Gift Boxes & Special Orders – If you want to go the extra mile this Valentine’s day but don’t have time to shop for individual pieces, many stores offer gift boxes filled with delicious treats. From classic assortments like truffles and caramels to unique combinations like peppers and dark chocolate bark, these gift boxes make perfect presents for your sweetheart. And if you want something even more special, many stores offer custom orders so you can create your own personalized selection of treats! 

Lake Champlain Chocolates

For over 30 years, Lake Champlain Chocolates has been crafting high-quality chocolates from Vermont ingredients. From truffles to bars and everything in between, you can find a wide selection of treats that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest sweet tooth. They are also inclusive to those with dietary restrictions, hosting a wide variety of delicious vegan chocolates, hot chocolate mixes, and gift bags. Plus, you can watch chocolatiers create these wonderful confections through the shop’s observation window!

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates

If you or your significant other have nut allergies, then Vermont Nut Free Chocolates should be your go-to destination this Valentine’s Day. Allied with credited food allergy resources and a comprehensive master ingredients list, you can rest easy knowing exactly what is in your chocolate if you or your loved one has severe nut allergies and restrictions. With its wide assortment of nut-free treats like peanut butter cups and almond bark, there is something here for everyone. You can even customize gifts with special messages or images—the perfect way to say “I love you!”

Nu Chocolat

Experience expert chocolate with Nu Chocolat, a family-owned and operated chocolatier. With their master chocolatiers having Swiss training, Nu Chocolat crafts some of the highest-crafted chocolate available. Nu Chocolat strives to provide unique chocolate for its customers, offering products such as deluxe gift collections, signature truffle assortments, a wide selection of hand-crafted chocolate bars, and other specialty confections. Additionally, Nu Chocolat caters to different allergens and restrictions with its selection of vegan and dairy-free chocolates. You are sure to find something special for your valentine at Nu Chocolat.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth This Valentines Day

This Valentine’s Day, why not treat yourself (and your significant other) to some delicious chocolate? From traditional truffles to exotic combinations like curry coconut and olive oil ganache, Burlington has plenty of shops offering up delectable confections that will make any occasion special. Whether you want something custom-made or need a quick gift idea for that special someone, these local chocolatiers have options available that will leave them wanting more! So don’t wait—head out today and enjoy some of Burlington’s best chocolates this Valentine’s Day! Trade Show Travel Co. wishes you a happy Valentine’s Day and is here to help make it a truly sweet one.