10 Bucket List Destinations to Visit At least Once in Your Lifetime

Bucket List Destinations to Visit At least Once in Your Lifetime

Traveling is one of the best and most rewarding ways to spend your money. If you are planning to travel, here are 10 Bucket List Destinations that are just too good to not visit.

1. Paris

The city of romance is amazing for sightseeing and cuisine. Whether it’s for visiting the Eiffel Tower or looking at art at the Louvre, you must visit Paris.

2. Sintra, Portugal

This UNESCO Heritage Site is like walking into the set of a movie on medieval times. Some attractions include the Moorish Castle and the National Palace of Sintra but you might want to wander the streets as well.

3. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

This is the largest coral reef system on earth and is located just off the coast of Queensland, Australia. It is, however, sadly disappearing rapidly due to problems like pollution and climate change.

4. The Pyramids of Giza

Built sometime around 2500 BC, the Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest remaining of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Everyone should go take a look at this resilient structure.

5. Cancun

A boat ride in Cancun will allow you to swim with the largest fish in the world. It’s a thrilling experience like nothing else.

6. The Colosseum

Rome has numerous places to visit but for history lovers, the Colosseum is the place to go. It’s one of the most impressive sites in the world. A stadium from about 2,000 years ago is surely worth marveling at.

7. View the Northern Lights in Finland

Seeing the Northern Lights should be on your bucket-list destinations. The glass igloo in Finland is the place to go to view them properly.

8. Cape Town

Cape Town has stunning landscapes and delicious cuisines. The city is very lively and there are activities for people of all ages. If you want to have fun, head out to Cape Town.

9. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Also referred to as the home of fairies in Croatia, this is one of the most mesmerizing places on earth. The cascading lakes of blue on the background of green are marvelous.

10. Rio

The Rio Carnival is a festival of music, dance, and celebration. You should visit Rio when this Carnival is in full swing.

So now that you know which 10 Bucket List Destinations you have to visit at least once in your lifetime go for it! If you need help in the process, be sure to ask the travel guide pros at Trade Show Travel Co. to guide you in the right direction and plan a great traveling experience for you and your loved ones! Visit us by clicking here and let us plan your next trip today!