Things To Do in Cabo San Lucas For Couples

Are you and your loved one looking to plan your next vacation getaway?

Are you both looking to find a spot that’s romantic and at the same time adventurous?

Look no further than Mexico’s very own Cabo San Lucas.

When it comes to vacation getaways, Cabo San Lucas is one of the best options. Cabo San Lucas offers something for every  couple, such as private secluded getaways, beachfront weddings, and activities.

In this article, we will discuss things to do in Cabo San Lucas. If you are planning a vacation to Cabo, here are the top activities listed below.

Visit Lover’s Beach

If you’re a couple that’s looking for a romantic location, Lover’s Beach is  must to visit. However, to get to Lover’s beach, you’ll need a boat as the beach is not accessible by land.

Although you’ll witness breathtaking and spectacular views, be careful swimming here, for Lover’s beach has the powerful waves and currents of the Pacific Ocean.

Dive In The Sea of Cortez

The Sea of Cortez has arguably one of the world’s most unique ocean environments and considered to have the richest body of water on earth, supporting over 800 marine vertebrates species such as jacks, tunas, dolphins, dorados and marlins.

Also, there are visits from whales and hammerhead sharks. If you and your loved one dives in the Sea of Cortez, you may also encounter manta rays, and even whale sharks.

Horseback Ride on the Beach

Every couple should add horseback riding on the beach to their bucket list. Horseback riding is available for all levels of riders in the Cabo San Lucas area.

There are trail rides in which you are accompanied by a guide.  At the end of the day, horseback riding on the beach  is a great way to see Cabo San Lucas’ beautiful scenery.

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