Enjoy the Breeze at Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a place that needs to be on everyone’s bucket list. This scenery of cascading waterfalls creates an awe-inspiring experience, no matter the time of year you visit. With its proximity to Toronto, Niagara Falls has become a favorite destination for locals and international tourists.

During the spring, Niagara Falls is exceptionally breathtaking. The warm breeze coming off of the falls provides a refreshing change from cold Canadian winters. During this time, you can take a boat tour and get close to the magnificent views. Be sure to bring your camera—you’ll want to capture every angle of this majestic site! Whether you’re looking for a quiet couples escape or to expose your family to the marvelous beauty of the natural falls, the Tradeshow Travel Company has the knowledge to help you plan a getaway, sure to make lasting memories. Connect with us online!

Reasons to Fall in Love with Niagara Falls

The Three Different Waterfalls

The obvious reason to visit Niagara Falls is the picturesque falls themselves. Niagara Falls comprises three different waterfalls: the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Horseshoe Falls. The three falls, when combined, create the most significant water flow rate of any waterfall in the world. Niagra Falls State Park’s documentation states, “3,160 tons of water flows over Niagara Falls every second. This accounts for 75,750 gallons of water per second over the American and Bridal Veil Falls and 681,750 gallons per second over the Horseshoe Falls.” That number is remarkable. This bucket list location has over 30 million visitors every year.

For the History Buffs

If you consider yourself a history buff, Niagara Falls is a place you want to visit. The Old Fort Niagara offers the opportunity to explore its underground gunpowder rooms, army barracks, and ancient cannons. The McFarland House, Niagara’s oldest property grounds, allows visitors to experience an authentic Georgian lifestyle. The Heritage Railway Station of Canada was built in 1879 by the Great Western Railway. A rare example of Gothic revival architecture situated along the rails, this formidable brick design still impresses today. This railway station is an excellent spot for train lovers and railway culture enthusiasts. Still, the station’s functional importance toward the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th helped establish Niagara Falls as a tourism and agriculture center, which makes this a place you must visit.

A Four Season Destination

While the warmer months have their appeal when visiting Niagara Falls, especially if you want to hike the local trails or hit the links, the winter months offer a whole new view of the Falls. Only during winter can you witness the transformation of Niagara Falls into frozen beauty. The annual Niagara Icewine Festival is held each January and celebrates the icewine harvest with food, music, and of course, plenty of icewine.

Niagara Falls 1

Catch the View While Dining

Dining in Niagara is an experience. Guests can sit down to exceptional local cuisine paired with Niagara wines. Few restaurants offer a view of the majestic illuminated Falls, which adds an ambiance to your meal unmatched by any other location in the world. Whether you are looking for a romantic dinner spot or just want to enjoy the views with friends, there’s something for everyone.

Adventure Awaits at Niagara Falls

As depicted on the American television show The Office, the “Maid of the Mist” is a boat tour that begins on Niagara River and ends in the dense mist of the American Falls, and it’s quite an adventure. Let Trade Show Travel Co. plan the perfect adventure, and you can reenact Jim and Pam’s wedding if you are looking for a unique way to celebrate your nuptials. Bring your rain gear because visitors can expect to be doused entirely by the end of the tour! But don’t let the drenching put you off—it’s an experience like no other. Stand atop Clifton Hill and be amazed at the illuminated falls, or walk across the Rainbow Bridge connecting Canada to the United States.

If you are looking for other ways to get your adrenaline rushing, consider a zip-lining excursion over the gorges of Niagara. If you can handle the heights, it’s a truly fabulous way to take in the landscape from a different perspective and at a different speed!

Hidden Gems of Niagara

Niagara Falls has plenty of hidden gems for those who want to avoid the touristy sites. Consider taking a drive down Lundy’s Lane, where you can find an abundance of shopping and dining experiences. The Battle of Lundy’s Lane is one of Canada’s most historic battlefields from the War of 1812. The street also houses a monument to those fallen in battle, which is worth a visit. Consider riding on the Niagara River Parkway Trail – an old railway line converted into a biking and walking trail. Enjoy the views of the river while being surrounded by lush green trees.

The Best Time to Visit

If you’re looking for crowd-free relaxation, May and June are your best bet. The weather is mild, and the leaves have begun to bloom, making for beautiful scenery. For those looking for a romantic getaway with fewer tourists, October and November are attractive options – when fall foliage has put on its full show of color!


No matter why or when you decide to visit Niagara Falls. Whether for the scenery,  the history, or the wine in January, there is no doubt it will be an experience of a lifetime. Start booking your dream trip now! Let Trade Show Travel Co. plan the perfect adventure to make memories that last a lifetime.

Remember your camera and get ready for the ultimate adventure. Enjoy the breeze!

Top 8 Graduation Trips Sure to Make Lasting Memories

Top 8 Graduation Trips Sure to Make Lasting Memories

Graduating from high school, university, or even 8th grade is a significant milestone. Planning a graduation trip is the perfect reward. Graduation marks the end of an era, and it’s time to celebrate with friends and family. After all the hard work you put into studying and completing assignments, it’s only natural to want a break!

A graduation trip is a perfect way to mark this exciting time in your life. It’s a way to explore the world, make new memories and create lasting friendships. Whether you’re looking for thrilling nightlife to unwind after graduate school or some quiet after a stressful senior year, plenty of unique destinations are out there to fit any traveler’s needs. If you’re looking for a graduation trip, the Tradeshow Travel Company has the knowledge to help you plan a getaway, sure to make lasting memories. Connect with us online! 

Our Top 8 Graduation Trip Destinations

We’ve rounded up our top eight graduation trip destinations, so you can start planning your adventure. With no specific age in mind, Tradeshow Travel Company can create the perfect situation for everyone in your party. 

London, England

London is a great spot for history buffs to explore and soak up the culture. From Buckingham Palace to Big Ben, this iconic city has something for everyone. Remember to take a boat ride along the Thames. Planning a visit to the Tate Modern for photos marking this big step in your graduate’s life.

graduation trip

Don’t forget the museum experience. With just under seven million annual visitors, the British Museum is the most visited attraction in the UK. It’s a great way to experience history on your graduation trip. The British Museum offers 100% free admission and is home to some of the world’s most astounding archaeological finds. It is dedicated to exhibiting various artifacts depicting human history, art, and culture.


New York City, USA 

Whether you want to explore Times Square or take a walk in Central Park, NYC is full of places for students to experience city life. Take in a Broadway show or roam through one of the city’s many museums.

The city that never sleeps offers many opportunities for visitors to create memories on their graduation trip. After learning about Lady Liberty during your studies, remember to add the Statue of Liberty to your must-see list. As a gift from France at the end of the American Civil War, this magnificent sculpture dominates the New York landscape.

Situated on Liberty Island, the surrounding landscape helps the Statue of Liberty, a dramatic monument, jump out to all who see her. To get up close to this iconic monument, hop on the 15-minute ferry ride to Liberty Island to examine history right in front of your face.


Paris, France 

Paris is known as the “City of Light” and has many attractions to explore with your friends. The iconic Eiffel Tower is an excellent spot for taking photos with classmates or family. At the same time, the nearby Louvre Museum provides an intimate look at some of the world’s most incredible artworks. Don’t forget to wander around the banks of the Seine River and explore some of the city’s iconic cafes during your graduation trip.

Monet’s Garden is another picturesque location that many tourists miss. If you want to avoid the tourist traps, relax in this relaxing and inspiring destination just 1 hour’s drive from Paris.


Hawaii, USA 

For those looking for a tropical paradise, Hawaii is the perfect graduation getaway. Enjoy an array of activities such as surfing, lounging on the beach, or exploring the local rainforest. The islands of Kauai and Maui offer plenty of unique experiences for graduates to enjoy. Maui is the perfect place for adventurists to enjoy cycling down a volcanic crater or driving the road to Hana.

graduation trip

The exotic allure of the Aloha State may be the perfect balm after a stressful senior year. The Big Island of Hawaii is the only place in the United States to see a live volcano!


Madrid, Spain 

Take in the culture of this vibrant city in Spain. Madrid is home to some of Europe’s best museums, including the Prado and Reina Sofia. It also has plenty of outdoor activities, such as walking tours, tapas bars, and various nightlife spots to enjoy on your graduation trip. The city offers a great diversity of entertainment for graduates looking for something unique to do on their trip.

Remember to focus on something other than one type of adventure in this beautiful locale. With breathtaking monuments, delicious cuisines, and Egyptian temples, there is something for everyone in your group. Don’t forget to indulge in their famous churros con chocolate while you are there!


Bali, Indonesia 

Enjoy a relaxing island getaway in beautiful Bali. Bali is the perfect place to celebrate your graduation with its lush greenery, breathtaking ocean views, and serene atmosphere. This destination has something for everyone, from world-class beaches and coral reefs to unique cultural attractions and luxurious spas.

Ubud is the best place to sleep in Bali and get around the island for ease of travel. As the cultural center of Bali, Ubud offers a range of attractions to keep everyone busy. Try traditional art forms like batik and stone carving or adventure in the stunning countryside – there’s something for everyone here.

After soaking up some Balinese culture, head to the nearby islands, where you can relax on perfect white-sand beaches and explore the pristine coral reefs. Gili Trawangan is one of the most popular islands for its vibrant nightlife, crystal clear waters, and range of memorable activities like snorkeling and scuba diving to enjoy on your graduation trip.


Walt Disney World, Florida, USA 

The world-famous Walt Disney World in Florida is the ideal spot for a graduation trip. With its exhilarating rollercoasters, plush resorts, and magical live shows, it’s sure to make your graduation trip one of the most memorable experiences ever! Take a spin on Expedition Everest or experience Soarin’ Around the World before checking out all the other parks that make up this magical destination.

graduation trip

There isn’t a special occasion that doesn’t make Disney the ideal spot to make memories. If you love magic and the mouse, a trip to Orlando might be right for your graduation trip. When graduation isn’t your first visit to the House of Mouse, try experiencing a new tour or adventure. Your graduation trip might be the perfect time to splurge on a VIP tour to make the trip extra memorable.


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 

This resort town on Mexico’s Pacific coast is in Jalisco state. Known for its beaches, water sports, and nightlife scene, Puerto Vallarta is a great location to consider for your graduation trip. Its cobblestone center is home to the ornate Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe church, boutique shops, and a range of restaurants and bars. El Malecón is a beachside promenade with contemporary sculptures, bars, lounges, and nightclubs.

Conde Nast Traveller identifies Puerto Vallarta as the world’s friendliest international city, making it an excellent choice for your graduation trip. Puerto Vallarta is the ideal choice for your Mexican vacation, with top restaurants, shopping destinations, and the modern conveniences you’d expect from an American resort. You can’t miss the opportunity to make lasting memories in front of the stunning backdrop of the Sierra Madre mountains. 

Plan with a Professional

With so many choices and much to do and see worldwide, there will be plenty of exciting experiences in any location. Don’t delay. Start booking your dream graduation trip now! Let Trade Show Travel Co. plan the perfect adventure for your recent graduate! From college, high school, or 8th grade, we can match your needs with memories that will remain for years!