All About Southern California Vacation Resorts For Golfers

If you’re an avid golfer, mixing a great game of golf with a Southern California beach vacation can make a perfect getaway. Do not mistake this type of vacation for only adults as some resorts offer children’s areas, too. In this post, we will give you some great beach and Southern California vacation resorts for golfers in the local area.

Pelican Hill

Pelican Hill is a family resort located in the Newport Beach area. Over here, you can invite your guests to enjoy surfing, sunning and boating while staying at the resort. Their rooms consist of bungalows and villas with private kitchens so you can enjoy the comfort of home. The golf course includes professional caddies, luxurious locker rooms, shoe attendants, golf instruction, and a practice facility.

Also, this is a full resort that includes a kid’s club with movie nights by the pool, daily crafts, and other exciting activities. They also have a Teen Adventure in which they take teens ages 13-17 to off-site excursions for activities such as surf lessons and kayak adventures. It’s just like a summer camp while you enjoy your vacation close by.

St. Regis Monarch Beach

St. Regis Monarch Beach is located in Laguna Beach, California. If you’re looking to leave the kids behind, this spa resort can make a lovely romantic beach vacation with your loved one who loves golf and loves being pampered. Once you are done with your golf day, you and your loved one can enjoy the facilities at the Forbes Five Star rated Spa Gaucin.


Terranea is an oceanfront resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, an oceanside community in Southern California. They invite you to enjoy a beach and golf vacation where you can tee off surrounded by stunning ocean vistas. This resort offers a championship-caliber 9-hole, par 3 golf course, and private lessons. They are only 3 miles away from the Trump National Golf Club, so when you have worked on your skills, you can travel a few distances to check them out.

The luxury resort of Terranea has a variety of accommodations from casitas, bungalows, and villas. There are a wide variety of dining experiences for their guests to enjoy. Their restaurants and lounges are each designed to allow you to enjoy the full experience of the beautiful Palos Verdes oceanfront views. And at the end of your day, relax and unwind at the 50,000 square foot oceanfront spa.

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Why You Should Plan Your Next Myrtle Beach Vacation Getaway

Myrtle Beach is a beautiful vacation spot that receives many visitors across the United States and abroad. From the gorgeous beaches to vast shopping and dining options, Myrtle Beach has become one of the most sought after vacation spots in the United States. In this post, we will show you why you should plan your next vacation getaway toMyrtle Beach.

Whenever you visit Myrtle Beach, you will be provided with breathtaking, lush landscapes and fun-outdoor activities such as swimming in pristine beaches and playing excellent, plush golf courses.

Myrtle Beach, located along the northern coast of South Carolina, is a combination of beach towns and barrier islands distending from Little River to Georgetown in South Carolina. Because of its great ocean views and lovely atmosphere, the Myrtle Beach offers a romantic scene making it a perfect destination for the honeymooners. Also, there are plenty of exciting things to do in your vacation including surfing, scuba diving, fishing, swimming, kayaking, and snorkeling. If you’re an animal lover, there are marked trails that offer an opportunity to see various wild animals and birds while enjoying the landscaping of sparkling white coastline.

Myrtle Beach is also well known for a wide variety of amazing cultural events, musical concerts and other entertainment shows which take place every year. After the shows, you can check out Myrtle Beach’s fine restaurants that offer fresh seafood, tasty local dishes and quality dining that can fit anyone’s budget. After dinner, you can visit other late night options include beach bars, dance clubs and theaters making your time more delightful and memorable.

When it comes to accommodation during your vacation at Myrtle Beach, there is a wide range of resorts, hotels, condos, inns and beach rentals to choose from. The most popular option at Myrtle Beach is beach rentals which offer all modern amenities and entertainment options at reasonable rates. With fully-equipped kitchens and spacious rooms matching your needs, the rentals provide a stress-free homelike environment full of freedom and privacy.

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5 Best Family Beach Vacations You Should Plan Today!

If you’re looking to plan one of the best family beach vacations for you and loved ones for the summer, Trade Show Travel Company will point you in the best direction possible. These beach vacation spots we will mention can be found along the Atlantic and Pacific Coast and are ideal hot spots to plan an amazing vacation getaway.

Here are the 5 best family vacations you should plan today:


From Daytona Beach to Miami Beach, Florida has great resort areas for families to vacation to for a number of reasons. With great weather and many miles of beautiful sandy beaches, this location is affordable, diverse, and has a wide variety of restaurants, water-sports, and a load of fun activities for children. One of which being Cocoa Beach, a popular family beach vacation spot. It is only a few miles away from Kennedy Space Center and about less than an hour’s drive to Disney World. Also, Disney’s Orlando Resort is considered one of the best resorts in Florida for families because it is upscale and caters to children of all ages.

The Hamptons

If you live on the north side of the States than it would be in your best interest to consider the beaches of East Hampton, New York. As a recommendation, be sure to stay at the East Hampton House which is rated as one of the top places to stay for its cozy beds and fully-equipped kitchens For staying at the East Hampton House, tenants have access to a private beach that never gets crowded.


If you have an adequate budget and at least a week to take off then nothing can compare to the famous beaches of Oahu, Maui, and Kauai. Whichever island you choose, Hawaii has one of the most pristine beaches in the world. It’s so beautiful in Hawaii, you and your family can spend a month there and never want to head back home. Here in Hawaii, you will find black-sandy beaches on the island of Maui, active volcanoes, breathtaking waterfalls, and gorgeous sunsets. Hawaii is a dream destination for anyone willing to take the time to explore these world-renowned beaches and landscapes.

Redondo Beach 

Located on Santa Monica Bay, Redondo Beach is perfect to plan your next family beach vacation. At Redondo Beach, you can enjoy all kinds of water sports, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, boating, and so much more. Also, there are many fine-dining restaurants, bars, and shops that are located close to the Santa Monica Pier. Whichever resort you decide on, each has its own set of activities and accommodations that are intended for families to enjoy.

San Diego 

San Diego is known for its great stretch of beaches, warm climate, and friendly locals. As a recommendation, your family can stay at some of the Beach Cottages for a more intimate approach to vacationing. This site offers numerous activities such as beach volleyball, fishing, surfing, and jet-skiing as well as an amusement park which is open daily. Also, be sure to check out the San Diego Zoo and Sea World which is a short 20-minute drive from the Beach Cottages.

As you can see, there are many beach vacations you can plan with your family to build memories and to re-charge your batteries. From the space coast of Florida to black-sand beaches of Hawaii there are many places which can be considered to be the best family beach vacations. When you ready, head over to Trade Show Travel Co and we will put together your beach vacation getaway from start to finish.


The 3 Most Overlooked Sights in the World

When setting out for a vacation with your family or friends, you would often choose a place that is a popular tourist spot. Places like New York, Toronto, Italy, and Paris are one of the most famous attractions people like to spend their vacations at.

Even though visiting these places is a good idea, it can often overshadow the other, lesser-known but equally wonderful places in the world. There are many countries and cities that are often overlooked just because their neighboring places were popular tourist spots.

Some cities are not even that well-known. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re lacking in their tourist attractions and entertainment for visitors. There is nothing like discovering a wonderland all by yourself and indulging in its cultural attractions.

Going to the usual places like New York can give you a nice vacation with family and friends, but it’s nothing new. Famous places might be worth seeing, but there’s nothing thrilling or exciting about them. When you find a place that may not be that popular but is genuinely great in its attractions and cuisines, you will always prefer over the usual tourist spots.

The following places are some of the most overlooked sights in the world. If you ever get a chance to plan an unusual vacation with your family and friends, then you’ll know where to go.

  1. Bolivia

This beautiful rugged country may not be as popular as Brazil and Peru, but once you step into it, it’s impossible not to fall in love. With spectacular sceneries, awe-inspiring diversity of landscapes and attractions, along with majestic Amazonian jungles, Bolivia is a wonderland through and through.

There are high Andean mountains, the grand lake known as Lake Titicaca, and an incredibly strong native, indigenous culture that you will never find anywhere else. If you truly want a taste of South America, Bolivia should definitely be your next stop.

  1. Slovenia

Slovenia may be one of the smallest countries on the map, but it is home to the most beautiful Mediterranean coastline. This place has the best inland countryside, orchards, vines, mountains, and gorgeous alpine lakes.

With extremely hospitable people, a rich history, and delectable cuisines, you should definitely plan a vacation here.

  1. Uzbekistan

A place that you would never expect in this list is Uzbekistan. Even the sound of this country sounds a little mysterious and rather exotic to many people. Yet, Uzbekistan is one of the best countries that has so much to offer its visitors.

Home to the Silk Road, Uzbekistan was previously the hub of this famous trade road. The Silk Road was actually the most popular route for surrounding nations to carry out trade and exchange cultures. The ambiance of the city feels regal and Persian-like.

You will find breathtaking, soaring architectures that were built in the Persian-style. If you really want to explore an exotic country with a rich cultural history, then Uzbekistan is the place to be.

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The 4 Most Adventurous Places to Travel with Your Family

It doesn’t matter if you’re the only daredevil and adventure-lover in the family, everyone should at least plan an adventurous vacation with their family once in their lifetime. Even if you have to drag the rest of the members to sign up for a trip to the mountains and the waterfalls, do it.

Your efforts will be worth it. The following places have been tested for extra-terrestrial presence and contain habitats and wildlife that will challenge your survival skills. However, once you make it into the territory, you will want to go back.

With that said, here are the most daredevil and adventurous places you need to absolutely travel to with your family.

  1. Track Rhinos, Namibia

The desert-adapted rhinos currently living in Damaraland, Namibia, are one of the rarest species in the world. If you want to savor the thrill of wandering around this majestic wildlife, then the Track Rhinos is an excellent place.

You will have facilities like a super-luxurious and cozy tented camp and sturdy jeeps to venture out for some rhino-seeing. By visiting this place, you can play your part in conserving this endangered wildlife, including elephants, cheetahs, and lions.

  1. Atacama Desert, Chile

If you’re seeking a unique and out-of-this-world adventure that will fill your heart with unforgettable memories, then Atacama desert is the place to be. A beautiful hilly landscape nested in the heart of western Chile, the Atacama desert is one of nature’s most ravishing wonders.

Aligned with deep and majestic jagged ravines, dry salt flats, and hot geysers, this place truly has an extra-terrestrial ambience. Its jagged, brown landscape is one reason why NASA considered this place to test for Martian rovers.

Although Atacama desert is one of the most arid and dry places on our planet, it is a wonderland for adventures. The skies of this gorgeous desert haven’t been exposed to much sunlight damage and that is why they’re absolutely breathtaking in the night. The balmy climate and the glowing moon make Atacama desert perfect for stargazing.

  1. The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Even though the Galapagos Islands were historically considered forbidden because of their inhabitable qualities, it is now one of the most popular adventurous places in the world. The lack of ideal habitat conditions make it a place only for the daredevils.

The Galapagos Islands came in the limelight under the auspices of Charles Darwin, who said that it possessed one of nature’s most unique wildlife habitats. The lack of predators in the region has caused all the wildlife around the volcanic isles to evolve into undaunted and fearless creatures.

As a spot for an adventurous family vacation, you can enjoy snorkeling with deep-sea iguanas and have fun swimming around giant tortoises. Although the islands are usually kept under strict control to maintain minimum human footprint, if you make it here, you’ll be very lucky.

  1. Angel Falls, Venezuela

The tremendous Angel Falls of Venezuela is located right in the centre of an excitingly remote jungle region. Only the bravest and most determined will be able to reach it. To this day, the Angels falls is Venezuela’s most spectacular tourist attractions.

The waterfalls gush down gracefully and soar as high as 3212 feet above the ground. They also contain about a quarter of a mile of deep-sloped rapids and cascades that make the scene exceptionally picturesque and breathtaking.

Simply making it to the waterfall and journeying through the jungle is a delightful escapade on its own. If you ever plan to visit Venezuela with your family, do check out the Angel Falls for an unforgettable adventure.

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The 6 Best Travel Tips to Ensure Safety Everytime

Travelling, whether in a group or solo, can be a lot of fun. Exploring other countries and getting to know other cultures is an exciting venture that teaches you so much about yourself. It’s only when you get to know different people from various walks of life that you learn to appreciate the diversity in our world.

Most importantly, the feeling of nostalgia and homesickness that quickly kicks in, when you’re deeply immersed in your travel experiences, teaches you that there really isn’t anything like home. With so many things that globe-trotting gives us, there are always risks involved.

Journeying to other places in the world isn’t all a magical experience. It requires some very practical steps like packing sensibly, making it safely through all the airports, and staying wary of scams. You can truly enjoy your travels if you keep yourself prepared for not only the thrill but also safety-measures.

So, here are the best travel tips that will ensure your safety every time you set out.

  1. Always Research Your Destination

If you’re planning a vacation or road-trip to a new destination, you should always carry out some research first. Get to know the main cultures, practices, any dos and don’ts, cuisines, and everything that you possibly can.

Seek knowledge about the main landmarks, market places, hotels, and spas to avoid being lost in a foreign city. If you think the place is conducive to scams or theft, then come prepared anyway.

  1. Keep Extra Cash for Emergency

Always keep extra cash not only in your bag pocket but hide it in other places too. Keep some running money in your socks, your shirt, and secret pockets of your bag. You never know when you’ll be needing cash.

There are chances that your cards won’t work or get misplaced. Your cash will then come to the rescue.

  1. Write Down Emergency Info

Carry a small diary with you that has emergency contacts and locations of the loved ones you’re visiting. You can even feed the emergency details into your phone alongside a diary just to be safe. If, God forbid, you lose your phone or your luggage, you’ll know exactly who to call for help.

  1. Get Travel Insurance

Many people don’t even consider travel insurance in their lives because they think they will not be a victim of travel scams. However, this isn’t the case. If you’re traveling to a completely new place or know that the destination is famous for robbery, then you need to get travel insurance immediately.

It’s important to understand that you’re only a traveler from a different country, so there is no protection for you in case you experience any scam. You have to sign up for one and that can only come through travel insurance.

  1. Keep Your Eyes on Your Valuables

Never let your eyes escape the sight of your valuables. From the biggest luggage to the smallest hand carry, always keep your valuables close to you because predators could be waiting around to slip in suspicious powder in unattended luggage.

  1. Be Wary of Strangers

It’s a good thing to get to know the locals and new people during your travels. However, too much interaction is not a good thing. In the end, the most travel scams come from people you least expect it from. Hence, it’s not a wise idea to be too friendly with strangers.

If you think someone is probing way too much about your whereabouts, then cease the conversation politely.

All you have to do is keep these precautions in mind and enjoy your travels to the hilt.

We hope our article demonstrated how you can follow our best travel tips so you can travel safely on your next vacation getaway with Trade Show Travel Co.

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Things To Do in Cabo San Lucas For Couples

Are you and your loved one looking to plan your next vacation getaway?

Are you both looking to find a spot that’s romantic and at the same time adventurous?

Look no further than Mexico’s very own Cabo San Lucas.

When it comes to vacation getaways, Cabo San Lucas is one of the best options. Cabo San Lucas offers something for every  couple, such as private secluded getaways, beachfront weddings, and activities.

In this article, we will discuss things to do in Cabo San Lucas. If you are planning a vacation to Cabo, here are the top activities listed below.

Visit Lover’s Beach

If you’re a couple that’s looking for a romantic location, Lover’s Beach is  must to visit. However, to get to Lover’s beach, you’ll need a boat as the beach is not accessible by land.

Although you’ll witness breathtaking and spectacular views, be careful swimming here, for Lover’s beach has the powerful waves and currents of the Pacific Ocean.

Dive In The Sea of Cortez

The Sea of Cortez has arguably one of the world’s most unique ocean environments and considered to have the richest body of water on earth, supporting over 800 marine vertebrates species such as jacks, tunas, dolphins, dorados and marlins.

Also, there are visits from whales and hammerhead sharks. If you and your loved one dives in the Sea of Cortez, you may also encounter manta rays, and even whale sharks.

Horseback Ride on the Beach

Every couple should add horseback riding on the beach to their bucket list. Horseback riding is available for all levels of riders in the Cabo San Lucas area.

There are trail rides in which you are accompanied by a guide.  At the end of the day, horseback riding on the beach  is a great way to see Cabo San Lucas’ beautiful scenery.

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3 Reasons You Need To Visit France

France is the undisputed leader in international visitors, totaling upwards of 84 million a year. This surpasses the US, with around 75 million, and far outpaces Britain with around 32 million. What are some of the reasons France is on so many travelers’ bucket lists? And which of these reasons might inspire you to follow suit? As a start, consider these three motivations for taking a trip to France.

Cultural Discovery

A trip to France is endlessly entertaining and fascinating. France is proud of its heritage and celebrates its history. Everywhere you go you will find atmosphere and old-world charm and historic buildings with stories to tell. You will constantly be reminded that you are walking in the footsteps of kings and artists, conquerors and queens. Every day will be filled with discoveries.

A trip around the Loire Valley to visit Châteaux will take you along the travel route of the extravagant 16th century King Françoise I, who mounted up astonishing national debts in order to live large and well. His castle in Amboise, perched high above the river, is a source of many stories. There are the large round turrets, with wide spiral roadways inside to allow horse-drawn carriages to ride up into the castle grounds to deliver its passengers-especially handy when one of the queens was pregnant. Here on the expansive lawns, firework and festival displays were performed, designed for Françoise by his cherished friend Leonardo da Vinci. Da Vinci himself lived out the final years of his life across the street from the king, in a fascinating mansion that is now filled with models of his many ground-breaking inventions. A secret tunnel connects the abodes of these two close friends, used for late-night visits between the king and his brilliant buddy.

In Blois, Françoise added an elegant wing to the already impressive palace, accessed via an exquisite external stone staircase. Here you will see the study of Catherine de Medici, wife to Françoise’s son and successor, Henri. The wood paneled walls provided her with secret hiding places for her acclaimed collection of poisons, the political “solutions” of those perilous times.

Then there is the stunning Chenonceau, with its glorious gardens and the vast ballrooms that extend out over the river. Initially this gem was home to King Henri’s mistress, Diane de Poitiers. But when Henri was killed by a large splinter in the eye during a joust, his wife, Catherine de Medici, threw Diane out of her Château and took it over for herself. Not to be outdone by the mistress, Catherine then proceeded to construct an even more splendid garden on the opposite side of the chateau from Diane’s, and an even grander balcony than Diane’s to overlook it. She placed a huge, glaring portrait of herself, looming over the bed in what had once been Diane’s bedroom. And she had the initials on the tiles reengraved, replacing the “D” for “Diane,” intertwined with an “H” for “Henri,” with a “C” for “Catherine.” This was a woman determined to make her point. As you enter these lives from long ago, and experience their luxurious surroundings, you will gain a true and immediate sense of the culture and the history.

And on it goes. The people, the history, the passion, and the humanity… All of these surround you on a trip to France. You will be intrigued and awed, captivated and enthralled. Every day of your visit will be intensely interesting, as well as surrounded by carefully orchestrated beauty.

A Feast for the Senses

Your senses will be stunned for the entire time you are in France. The sights are beautiful beyond description. The Eiffel Tower in Paris rises up like a giant erector set, with an elevator to take you to the top for views out over the Seine and the city. At night the tower is set aglow, best to be viewed from a boat as it drifts along the Seine, passing under one lovely bridge after another.

The Orsay, once an elegant turn-of-the-century train station that was built to welcome guests to the 1900 Paris Exposition Universelle, now houses a startling collection of impressionist art – Monet, Renoir, van Gogh, Dégas, Gauguin, Cézanne, Seurat – within a building that is itself an historic, architectural treasure. Here you will be able to lunch in the grand ballroom of the former grand hotel attached to the train station, and look through the glass of the giant clock that faces the river and makes this building distinctively easy to spot.

There is more and more to come… The glories of Notre Dame. The remarkable stained-glass windows of Saint Chapelle Chapel… The beautiful flowers and statuary of Tuileries Gardens… The onslaught of visual sensations of the Champs-Élysées… The towering Arch de Triomphe, facing the smaller Arch in front of the Louvre at the other end of the five-mile grand boulevard where Napoleon pictured himself leading a march of his victorious armies.

There will be the glorious tastes of the food and wine. You will hear marvelous music of all sorts, from the Vivaldi at Saint Chapelle, to the lively piano bars and boat bars along the left bank of the Seine in Paris and atop Mont St. Michel, to the mighty organ of Notre Dame. You will walk through flower markets, vivid with colors and scents, and shop at weekly markets, alive with people and all manner of tempting offerings.

This assault to the senses will remain with you in memory long after your travels are over.

Intro to the Good Life

The last, but certainly not the least, reason to visit France is that it will introduce you to another, and a better, way of life. You will experience a different manner of interpersonal interaction in France – more engaged, curious, outgoing, and animated. The French truly recognize the importance of enjoying the best of life.

Here dining is a delightful experience, not just a stop to refuel. Food is an art form, combined always with the ideal wines to enhance the meal. Waiters take pride in their work, striving to make dining a memorable occasion by offering up their expertise, and carefully guarding your right to take all the time you need to enjoy your meal without feeling rushed.

People in France are carefully polite with each other, and will be with you. You always will be addressed as ma’am or sir, and asked with a please, followed by a thank you. Cordiality is not only suggested in France, it is expected and omnipresent. You will quickly grow to anticipate and appreciate this.

From the first moment you walk down a street passing all the umbrella-shielded outdoor tables of the cafés, you will notice that this is a culture where people gather together to enjoy each other’s company. Old, young, families, singles, rich, modest, fashionable, artistic, intellectual – everyone is out in the squares and along the avenues, drinking in cafés and eating in restaurants. It becomes easy to join in and be stimulated by the lively, friendly atmosphere. Musicians wander the streets, from old men playing accordions outside the restaurants, to full jazz bands playing in city squares. And because the house wine is so inexpensive, stopping off for a glass or a carafe is a customary, not an exceptional, occurrence.

At the tables that surround you at these cafés, you will notice couples engaged in animated conversation, looking intently into each other’s eyes. France is a culture of philosophy and art, science and technology, style and literature, and of love. As you take all this in, you may begin to find it has an impact on you and how you yourself relate to others. You’ll notice yourself listening more actively, expressing yourself more earnestly and clearly, paying closer attention, acting more considerately, showing more curiosity and interest.

The luxury of time for all this gathering together is in part thanks to the French commitment to keeping an optimal balance between work and life. Shops close for lunch so workers can focus their attention on enjoying a good meal and the company of friends and colleagues. Employees who work 39 or more hours a week must receive more than the legally-required five weeks of vacation per year.

While you are traveling in France, you will come to enjoy and to expect this higher level of connection, this enhanced appreciation of food and wine, this better balance between work and life. You will never forget what you have learned about a different, and better, way of living life.


Taken together, the cultural discovery plus the feast for the senses plus the introduction to the good life, create a travel opportunity that is second to none. You will have a great trip to France, particularly if you travel independently and avoid the bus, possibly by using a preplanned trip-in-a-book to guide your explorations and adventures, and to ensure that you have the full experience while you are there.

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Outdoor Activity Guide To Maryland

Baltimore is a city teaming with natural trails and beautiful landscapes. An outdoor vacation is what this place is all about, with many naturally beautiful wonders waiting to be discovered. You can enjoy the outdoors in protected isolation, as this place offers a long list of adventure and leisure opportunities to its visitors with activities such as camping, biking hiking and more. Here is a list of outdoor activities you can enjoy in Baltimore.

Ride the Rail Trails.

The state of Maryland has more than a dozen of these railroad trails. As more and more railroad tracks went obsolete, they were paved and converted into flat bike trails. This provides a wonderful opportunity to be amidst nature and view Baltimore first hand. This is very popular activity amongst the tourists and It will keep you close to your fitness goals.

Appalachian Trail.

The Maryland stretch of the Appalachian Trail, most of which runs along South Mountain, is a modest 40 miles and features some of the more gentle terrain of the trek. That makes it a perfect destination for day hikers and is a very scenic trail with multiple spots to stop and taken pictures.


Just located a few hours from Baltimore is the beautiful Green Ridge Forest. This vast forest is a dream come true for lovers of the outdoors. Here you can camp in the dense forest, go fishing, or paddle boating.

River Tubing

Gunpowder river tubing is a local annual event where everyone rides a tube down the cold waters of the river. This is especially a good way to beat the summer heat and have some fun. The river is not to worry about with just a few light rapids. Shuttle services are available to take you back up river once you are done.


Being in nature is a luxury nowadays and one must enjoy such experiences whenever possible. Living in the cities we are drifting away from natural living, this is what we can correct on nature-centric vacations in places like Maryland.

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Sightseeing in Ontario

Ontario is one of the southern provinces of Canada. It’s the most populated province, as 40 % of Canada’s population lives here. It is also a famous historic place, with a full range of attractions, touristic hotspots and travel opportunities.

Must see Sightseeings

One of the province’s most important natural sightseeing is obviously Niagara Falls. Millions of tourists come to see this attraction and walk along the magnificent landscapes every year. Niagara Falls consists of three waterfalls that flow in this area. Together they form the highest flow rate of any waterfall in North America. It is stunning, beautiful and also beneficial in the terms of recreation and industry.


Another must see here is the CN Tower, one of the most recognized across the globe. When lit up at night, it can be seen from every the entire city. The view from the Tower is astounding, looking over the whole city and the lake.

Tourists also love to explore the provincial and national parks. In the south part of the province you can travel through the deep forests of Algonquin, French River, Killarney Provincial Parks, Bruce Peninsula National Park, etc.

The area is also famous for Muskoka, which is located around Lake Muskoka and various other popular lakes. It is full of cottages, resorts and marinas. Tourists, as well as locals usually spend holidays here, in the surroundings of rocky shores and pine trees.


However, Ontario is famous not only for its nature, but its museums. The Royal Museum in downtown is one of the largest museums that feature scientific exhibits as well as natural history of the world. The National Gallery in Ottawa, contains the masterpieces of popular artists. This part of Canada also has the Art Gallery, which is prestigious beyond the country, as it hosts amazing collections of African and Oceanic Art.


One of the sightseeings also include Wonderland, which is northwest of Toronto’s city center. It is a huge park that provides different thrill rides and roller coasters. Children adore the Dinosaur Park and other water parks.

If you want to spend time with friends and love art, The Stratford Festival is without a doubt a very good chance. The Festival Theatre has 2,250 seats and launches plays of Shapeskpeare and other famous writers.

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