Things To Do In Daytona Beach for the Whole Family

Things To Do In Daytona Beach for the Whole Family

Florida is an international travel destination thanks to its tropical weather, sandy beaches, and the sheer variety of things for visitors to see and do. That includes Daytona Beach. From shopping and museums to beaches and hiking trails, there are many fun things for the whole family in Daytona Beach. Tradeshow Travel is based in Florida, so there’s no better company to guide you and your family to the delights of Daytona Beach.

Angell & Phelps Chocolates Factory Tour

Daytona is home to one of the oldest chocolate factories in the United States, and you can take a tour to see how they make some of your favorite chocolatey treats. The Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory has been making delicious sweets since 1925, and they offer a variety of tours that show visitors how they make everything from truffles to sea salt caramel squares. Your kids will love this visit -especially the free sample they provide!

Daytona’s Trails

When we say trails, most people think of hiking, and hiking and biking trails are available. These include the Spring-To-Spring and East Central Regional Rail Trail, which runs 23.9 miles, and the Sweetheart Trail, among many others. However, there are many other “trails” that provide walking tours of the sights of Daytona Beach. Walking the Iconic Trail will bring you to the city’s world-famous landmarks, and the Motorsports Trail celebrates the birthplace of the Speed Park. Or you can soak in the artwork with the Monument and Statue Trail and the Mural Trail, both of which are fun and educational.

Daytona’s Museums

Daytona’s Museums are also great places to take the family. The Daytona Beach Museum of Arts and Sciences is a great place to start, as it has something for everyone. There is the Halifax Historical Society & Museum and the Daytona Beach Regional Library’s History Center for the history buffs in the family. A stand-out is the Smithsonian-affiliated Museum of Arts and Sciences. For those interested in how Daytona became “The World ‘s Most Famous Beach,” there is the Daytona Beach Boardwalk & Pier Visitor Information Center.

Daytona’s Marine Science Center

Your children will love Daytona’s Marine Science Center. They can touch a stingray, see alligators, and learn about the area’s sea turtles. Boat tours to see manatees and dolphins are also available so that you can get close to these majestic animals in their natural habitat.

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

Visit the tallest lighthouse in Florida. Climb the 203 steps to the top of this historic lighthouse for a breathtaking view of Daytona Beach and the surrounding area. The museum at the base of the lighthouse is also worth exploring. It contains artifacts from shipwrecks that occurred near Daytona Beach, as well as information about the area’s history.

Daytona Beach Boardwalk and Pier

The Daytona Beach Boardwalk and Pier is a great place to take a walk, people watch, or just relax and enjoy the view. The pier is also a popular spot for fishing. You can rent equipment from one of the many shops along the boardwalk if you don’t have your own.

Thrill Rides at Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach has plenty to offer if you’re looking for some thrills. The Daytona International Speedway is home to NASCAR races and other events throughout the year. Several amusement parks, such as Daytona Lagoon and Adventure Island, can also be found. Don’t forget about Speedway Indoor Karting, the Daytona Beach Zipline Adventure, or the Daytona Speedboat Adventure!

Visit Daytona Beach with Tradeshow Travel Today

Daytona Beach is brimming with things to do that the whole family will enjoy. You can take the stress out of travel and itinerary planning by setting up your vacation with the Tradeshow Travel Company. We will plan your vacation for you according to your desires and ensure that everyone will have fun regardless of age. The beaches are calling -so what are you waiting for? Contact Tradeshow Travel and get set up for your Daytona Beach vacation today!


Looking For Perfect Fiji Vacation Resorts For Your Family? 

Ah, Fiji. One of the world’s happiest and most colorful countries, this island nation in the South Pacific is an internationally-known travel destination for a good reason. Fiji is known for its excellent food and friendly locals; it is where time melts away and tranquility rules. But where exactly should you take your family to your Fiji vacation resort? Let the Trade Show Travel Company be your guide to family-friendly Fiji resorts!

Kokomo Private Island Fiji

Nestled in the Fiji archipelago, Kokomo Private Island Fiji is a stunning resort that offers luxury and relaxation for families. The resort has its own private beach, as well as a pool, spa, and kids’ club. Plenty of activities keep everyone entertained, from snorkeling and diving to kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding.

Laucala Private Island Resort

Another Fiji resort that’s perfect for families is Laucala Private Island Resort. This resort also has a private beach and many activities to choose from. Scuba diving, sailing, jet skis, horseback riding, tennis, mountain biking, and even golf and cooking classes are all available at Laucala.

Savasi Island Resort

Savasi Island Resort is another Fiji resort that would be very memorable for a family vacation. As you expect by now, it has a private beach and plenty of fun things to do in its inclusive package offers. These include snorkeling, kayaking, paddleboarding, and unique demonstrations of Fiji culture, entertainment, and cooking.

Nanuku Resort Fiji

Nanuku Resort Fiji is one of this list’s more affordable family vacation options. Despite that, it still offers plenty of fun for everyone. Activities range from its resort fitness center, guided snorkeling, and selected cultural activities to paddleboarding, kayaking, and more. You even get your own butler and nanny!

Tides Reach Resort Fiji

If you’re looking for a Fiji resort that’s a little more secluded, Tides Reach Resort Fiji is the place for you. This resort is on its own private island and offers plenty of activities to keep you busy. These include snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, stand-up paddleboarding, and more. The local life is what sets Tides Reach apart, however. Watch the traditional Fijian dance known as Meke, attend a coconut husking demonstration, or go on one of the resort’s many tours from coastlines and waterfalls to local villages and churches.

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji

If you want to get up close and personal with Fiji’s underwater world, Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji is the perfect place for your family. This resort offers a wide range of diving and snorkeling excursions guided by a marine biologist and an on-site marine conservation center. Clubs and activities are on offer for children and teenagers alike, and there are pleasures for adults like gourmet meals, cocktails, and massages.

Castaway Island Resort

Castaway Island Resort is a perfect choice for those who want to experience Fiji’s natural beauty. This resort is surrounded by white sand beaches, coral reefs, and crystal-clear waters. There are plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy in the water, such as kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and snorkeling. Don’t miss the coral viewing in a glass-bottom boat, barefoot shadow boxing classes, and the bushwalk to Castaway Summit.

Vomo Island Resort

If you’re looking for an intimate and exclusive Fiji vacation, look no further than Vomo Island Resort. This luxury resort is on a secluded island and offers villas with private plunge pools, fishing, and stunning ocean views. Guests can enjoy plenty of activities such as tennis, golf (including putt-putt golf), and kayaking. Don’t miss the traditional Fijian Meke dance performances, Kava ceremonies, and Vomo sulu (for adults only).

Find These Destinations and More at the Trade Show Travel Company

The Trade Show Travel Company can plan your dream vacation to Fiji to make your trip completely stress-free. Our company is dedicated to bringing you a pleasant, affordable, trustworthy experience with travel packages that never disappoint. We have you covered no matter what requirements you have for your vacation. So start relaxing before you even leave by letting the Trade Show Travel Company do your planning for you. Your luxury Fiji family vacation is just a few clicks away!

Our List of Things to Do in Paradise Island Bahamas! 

If you are looking for a beautiful and serene place to vacation, look no further than Paradise Island, Bahamas. There are lots of things to do in Paradise Island, Bahamas! This island is home to some of the most amazing beaches in the world, as well as delicious restaurants and plenty of activities to keep you busy. In this blog post, the Trade Show Travel Company will provide a list of our favorite things to do on the island so that you can make the most of your time there!

Aquaventures at Atlantis

One of the most popular things to do on Paradise Island, Bahamas is Aquaventures, which is an underwater park at Atlantis Bahamas. Aquaventures is a great place to take the kids, as there are plenty of family-friendly activities and attractions that will keep them entertained for hours. Pools and slides abound as well as a lazy river for those who like their adventures to be more relaxed. From heart-pounding near-vertical drops in the Power Tower to pools for kids and adults-only alike, there’s something at Aquaventures Atlantis for everyone.

Marine Adventures at Atlantis

In addition to Aquaventures, there are plenty of other ways to get wet and wild at Atlantis Bahamas. Guests can take part in shark encounters, stingray encounters, or just swim with the tropical fishes! There are also opportunities to go snorkeling or diving in some of the most beautiful waters in the world. Don’t know how to scuba dive? No problem! Try snuba, an innovative new experience that combines the best elements of snorkeling and scuba diving.

Atlantis Casino

Are you feeling lucky? Come on down to the Atlantis Casino, one of the largest in the Caribbean! Open 24 hours a day, the Atlantis Casino sports tables for poker, craps, and blackjack, among many others, hundreds of slot machines, and its Race and Sports Book with 20 high-definition simultaneous video feeds. The Atlantis Casino hosts tournaments throughout the year as well as other events, ranging from sporting competitions and wine tastings to the hottest DJs and the funniest comedians. Come on down, and become a high roller with us.

Mandara Spa at Atlantis

For the ultimate in relaxation, come to the Mandara Spa at Atlantis. Balinese healing techniques, European therapies, and the Bahaman atmosphere combine to provide sanctuary for your body and soul alike. Try a steam or sauna room before plunging into one of its cool private pools. Afterward, head to the fitness center for an analysis of your body composition, nutrition, and fitness. Mandara provides yoga, Pilates, and a wide variety of massage therapies, facials, and even teeth whitening!

Things to do in Paradise Island, Bahamas: Marina Village

If shopping is your passion, then your first stop is going to be the Marina Village, located right next to Atlantis. This bazaar features 20 designer and retail shops as well as an assortment of casual and fine dining restaurants. Perfume, jewelry, exotic clothing, and more can be yours. Whether you’re finished shopping or just taking a break, there are delis, burger places, and pizza shops for the more casual diners, as well as cafes and a steakhouse for the upper-class fare.


So why wait? Contact the Trade Show Travel Company and get your Paradise Island Bahamas vacation booked today!

Why Travel During The Holidays?

Many people enjoy the winter holidays around the world. With so many wintertime holidays and events occurring at once, it is a great time to relax and remember the best parts of your year. Many people like to use this time to relax or wind down from a particularly hectic year or season. 


Because people usually use the holidays to relax, they can, unfortunately, miss out on some of the fantastic benefits of traveling during the holidays. 


Trade Show Travel Co wants to help families find the perfect getaway to cap off their New Year. We think that the winter holidays are perfect for travel, which is why we’ve prepared a list of some of our top 3 reasons you should go on a winter vacation this year. 

1. It’s Unique

Many people choose to take their vacations during the summer since work and school usually allot time off during this time. While summer travel is incredible in many different ways, we highly recommend traveling during the holiday season.


Holiday travel offers people the ability to see the world differently. With many cities experiencing snowfall around the holidays, traveling in the winter can offer people a unique perspective. If you or your child’s first time seeing snow, winter travel can offer a unique perspective that they would not find anywhere else.

2. It Can Change Your Routine

If you visit with family in the same city every year, it can get pretty routine quickly. Instead, traveling for the holidays can solve families big and small. With many different locations at your disposal, there is no end to where you or your family can spend the holidays. 


If you are from a northern state, visiting a tropical location might be best for you and your family. On the other hand, if you’re from a Southern or tropical state, visiting somewhere snowy or cold might be beneficial.

3. It Can Bring Your Family Closer Together

One of the most magical parts of the holidays is the ability to bring people and families together. Many people enjoy the holidays because they are a time for remembering good memories and being around friends old and new.


A trip can add to this positive feeling by helping people and families make new memories in an unforgettable location. 


Call Trade Show Travel Co Today

You won’t need to invest a great deal of energy stressing over where you will stay or eat. We can handle all that for you! When you trust Trade Show Travel Co with your vacation, you will work with a team of travel experts. We know the best places to eat, stay, or hang out wherever you plan on visiting. 


Our all-inclusive vacation packages are second to none. If you want an incredible vacation experience, look no further. Contact us at Trade Show Travel Co for an unforgettable experience! We look forward to helping you plan the vacation of a lifetime.


3 Ways To Have a Great Holiday Vacation

Vacations are an excellent way to get away from all of the stresses in life. They allow people to explore, kick back, and relax, which is always exciting. Whether traveling alone, with family, or with friends, a vacation can help you refresh and find relief in your life. 


At Trade Show Travel Co., we understand how important it is to rejuvenate on vacation. Our team works closely with families and individuals so we can help them pick the perfect vacation package. We would be happy to help you find the vacation package that helps you and your family get the rest you deserve.

Why Go On Vacation?

Before we get started on our list, we figured we might as well answer the age-old question: why go on vacation? Many people don’t understand the importance of much-needed time off, so they choose not to travel. Travel has quite a bit of benefit, which can help people get a new perspective on life and the world.

Here are just a few of the benefits of traveling:
  • It allows you to see a new part of the world
  • It can help give you the escape you need
  • It helps people deal with stresses in their life
  • It can help you get closer with your family
  • It can create memories that last a lifetime


All in all, vacationing is essential for family bonding and overall happiness. Many people experience stress throughout the week, from their workplace to their home life. Vacationing makes these stressors easier to deal with, giving people the time off they need to detox and de-stress.

How To Have An Amazing Vacation

Have you ever been on a vacation or day trip, and your heart just wasn’t in it? Maybe work was bringing you down, or a family emergency happened. While life does happen, we want to make sure you have a good time on your trip regardless.


At Trade Show Travel Co., we work hard to ensure that families have all the resources they need to have a great time on their getaway.

We’ve prepared three tips for families looking to have a good time despite life pressure and stress:

1. Don’t Over-Plan

Planning and scheduling your vacation can be helpful, especially if you want to fit in time to do everything on your list. Over-planning, however, is frowned upon since it can make a vacation feel just as hectic as everyday life.


A vacation serves as an escape from stresses in your life, so over-planning is not wise. Remember to enjoy yourself and your family when vacationing; getting caught up in the details can sometimes be straightforward. Remember that if you don’t get to everything on your list, it’s still okay. You can always revisit later down the line!

2. Take Your Time

Vacations are fun, not stressful. You and your family are free to take your time and enjoy the beauty of where you’re visiting. People shouldn’t have to feel like they have to rush through attractions to see all there is to see. If you enjoy one aspect of your trip a lot, you can always enjoy it for longer than planned. Your time on vacation should be flexible, not rigid.

3. Enjoy the Moment

Remember, you’re on vacation! Have fun, try new things, but most importantly, enjoy your friends and family.


Don’t be afraid to try new things, either. It can be tempting to try the same kinds of food and attractions that you do at home, but remember, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you can’t get anywhere else. 


Trying new things can be fun, especially with family and friends. It can even make memories that last a lifetime, so be sure not to shy away from new opportunities.

Call Trade Show Travel Co.

Our team would be happy to help you plan the perfect vacation. We have plenty of destinations in mind, and we would be happy to help you pick one! Our team works closely with families and individuals to ensure their vacation goes as smoothly as possible.


If you’re interested in learning more about our destinations and services, please give us a call or email us. Our West Palm Beach, Florida office would be happy to help you and your family plan the perfect getaway! We’re looking forward to helping you with all of your vacation needs!


Top 3 Vacation Destinations in Florida

Florida has become one of the most visited states in the United States, with fascinating beaches, great amusement parks, and the best tourist attractions. Whether you want to relax on the beach in Miami or spend time with your family at one of Orlando’s amusement parks, there is something for everyone. This state has wowed everyone with everything from its slow-paced, laid-back lifestyle to its loud, adrenaline-pumping theme parks. When there are so many chances thrown at you, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Because deciding where to go might be difficult, these are the top 3 vacation destinations in Florida that everyone should see.

  1. Disney World

FloridaHow can you visit Florida without going to an amusement park and having the time of your life? It is reasonable to state that Walt Disney World in Orlando is unlike any other destination because it is full of fun and surprises. Thousands of visitors visit Mystique Kingdom merely to have the time of their lives, adding to the magic of this wonderful land. There are so many things to do, and the list of activities has grown with time. This theme park is nothing like your typical theme park. The water parks of Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, the beautiful animals of Animal Kingdom, and the Disney Hollywood Studios are all fun attractions within the vast Disney world. You can also eat, shop, and attend live shows!

  1. Kennedy Space Center

FloridaThe Kennedy Space Center is considered as Florida’s most exciting attraction, in addition to being an educational attraction. It’s because it’s on Florida’s Space Coast that it’s made history. Tourists will have the chance to see rockets and the Space Shuttle Atlantis, as well as meet other astronauts and learn about space adventures. The space center is organized into mission zones, each with its own set of intriguing elements and an interactive display devoted to that theme. The exhibitions are designed to appeal to individuals of all ages (moreover, for families to bond with each other better). Then you can board the bus tour to explore the restricted areas and other sites that are off-limits to the public.

  1. Busch Gardens

FloridaBusch Gardens is Tampa’s most prominent tourist destination. This theme park is based on Africa, and it houses a wide variety of exotic species, earning it the title of North America’s largest zoo. Visitors can witness tigers, lions, gorillas, elephants, giraffes, and many other animals. There are also safari tours available where you may observe creatures such as ostriches, rhinos, giraffes, and zebras grazing freely. There are other tours that allow you to get a closer look at elephants and tigers, as well as penguins.

Because there is so much to do in Florida, it is critical that you spend your next holiday there. However, because plane tickets and travel can be inconvenient, we present Trade Show Travel Co. With their assistance, you will be able to have a good time in Florida without going broke!

7 Things You Should Try When You Visit Mexico

Mexico is a beautiful country. With lush jungles, powder sand beaches, incredible food, and fun excursions for every type of person, there is always something to do. One of the top travel destinations in the world, this country, famous for its tropical climate and relaxed feel perfect for unwinding from the stress of everyday life. In addition, it houses many all-inclusive resorts, beautiful hotels, and other beautiful accommodations, Mexico is the perfect place to escape with a partner or plan a family vacation. Learn about some popular Mexico Destinations down below! 

What Do Mexico Destinations Have to Offer?

With sparkling turquoise waters and exciting adventures at every turn, Mexico is considered one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. A united country since 1821, Mexico has consistently ranked in the top 10 most visited countries in the world for travel, shown in data from UNWTO. Therefore, there is something to see and do in Mexico for everyone, from exploring ancient Mayan temples to sailing on crystalline waters. As such, depending on what you and your loved ones like to do, you can plan your vacation to be:

  • Adventurous
  • Relaxing
  • Family-Fun
  • Delicious

If you’re not sure what you should plan for your next trip to Mexico, don’t worry. At Trade Show Travel, we’re experts at planning vacations that will create memories to last a lifetime. For ideas on what to do in Mexico, here are our top seven favorite adventures:

1. Visit One of Mexico’s Beautiful Beaches

With crystal-clear water, white sand beaches, and sun year-round, Mexico’s beaches are some of the most famous in the world. If you’re someone who likes to have fun in the sun, relax with some tanning lotion, or spend time in the waves, you have to visit a Mexican beach. Bring beach towels, rent a cabaña, and kick off your shoes at the beach. 

2. Plan a Snorkel or Scuba Trip

The beach isn’t the only beautiful place to spend time in Mexico. A whole new world of life awaits those looking for a bit more adventure; scuba diving or snorkeling in Mexico is an extremely popular activity that will open your eyes to incredible reefs and amazing marine life. Grab your snorkel gear and explore off the beach or plan a tour with a local guide and take a boat to one of Mexico’s many great diving spots. 

3. Wine & Dine Around the Country

If all that sun and salt doesn’t sound like your thing, don’t worry; Mexico has plenty of other incredible activities to offer! With some of the most famous foods around the world, Mexico offers handmade, fresh food that will impress even the pickiest eaters. Try tacos al pastor, pozole, elote, fresh tamales, or pollo asado for a taste of authenticity that you’ll never find in a chain taco shop. Mexico is also home to an array of wineries, breweries, and distilleries that offer tours and tastings for adult travelers. Get a taste of luxury straight from the tap.

4. Get Pampered at an All-Inclusive Resort

Another feature that Mexico is known for is its all-inclusive resorts. These resorts are designed so that you never have to step foot outside of them; relax in luxurious rooms, visit the private beach, book a spa treatment, splash in the pool, or dine in one of their delicious restaurants.

5. Experience Mexico’s Vibrant Nightlife

Cities all around Mexico offer an exciting cultural and social scene. Mexico City, for example, is home to a number of bars, clubs, mezcalerías, cantinas, and other vibrant establishments. Try every flavor of tequila and dance the night away or spend an evening in a laid-back dinner club in one of Mexico’s incredible cities.

6. Learn About Mexico’s Intriguing Past

Mexico is a country with a rich history behind it. Even before it became a country, Mayan natives and Spaniards lived on the land, contributing influences that have made Mexico what it is today. To learn more about Mexican history, you can visit one of the incredible museums the country has to offer or book a day trip to a Mayan temple, many of which are still standing.

7. Reconnect With Nature

There are a ton of activities awaiting nature lovers and adventure-seekers in Mexico. Whether you’ve always wanted to ride a horse on the beach or zipline through high mountains, Mexico has it. With miles of hiking trails and excursions galore, planning an adventurous vacation has never been easier. If you’re interested in making a whole day of it, book a trip to Xcaret or Xel-Ha, some of the most incredible eco-archaeological parks where visitors can swim through underground rivers, swim in freshwater lagoons and pools, hike jungle trails, and more.

Plan Your Mexico Adventure Today

If you’re ready to plan your next adventure, Trade Show Travel is here to help. We offer detailed travel planning and packages for every kind of adventure. From family getaways to romantic escapes and everything in between. Trade Show Travel Co. will bring you a pleasant, affordable, and trustworthy travel experience! We are a unique travel company based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Known for its one-of-a-kind travel packages that never disappoint, Trade Show Travel Co will help you plan an unforgettable vacation. Get started today by giving us a call at +1-888-556-1485 or sending us an email at We can’t wait to hear from you!

Things to do in St. Augustine

Popular things to do in St. Augustine:

A view of Flagler college lit up in the night.

St. Augustine is the oldest city in America, a city with such rich history is a prime destination for history buffs, and with such scenic views and attractions to marvel at, you should put this on the top of your list of destinations for travel! Founded in September 1565 by Spanish conquistadors, it is known for its Spanish colonial architecture. They set on Florida’s beaches and haven’t left since, the tranquil Crescent beach is one reason for many to come to St. Augustine! It is a wonderful destination for nature lovers as well, you can stop by Anastasia State Park and soak in the sun and feel the true essence of being one with Florida’s nature! Then get thrown back in time and visit Castillo de San Marcos National monument, right next to Saint George Street! St. Augustine’s the longest continually inhabited European-founded city in America and here is a list of 5 things to do when you travel to St. Augustine! Let us take care of the hassle and help plan your trip for you! 

Top 5 thing to do when you travel to St. Augustine

The Lighthouse

  1. Visit the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum.

The St.Augustine Lighthouse is a staple for every trip! Everyone wants to climb the 219 steps to the top and be awarded their certificate of completion! During the daytime, this is a wonderful tourist spot but nighttime is a different story altogether! St. Augustine is known for its rich history and GHOSTS, the lighthouse is a stop for the local ghost tours but the Dark of the Moon tour is the only one that lets people on the tour inside. This is not for the faint of heart, but you will make lifetime memories! Check out the attached museum and get a souvenir! Remember your trip to St. Augustine. 

  1. Take a breather on St. George Street

Look, we get it. You’re gonna be tired of taking in the views and making home movies for your vacation. St. George Street is gonna be your best destination to get food and drinks and gather yourselves for the next location! These shops are also the best place to stock up on souvenirs! Make sure to come here at least on your way back! You can even find a variety of tours to go on as well during your trip to St.Augustine.  

  1. Check out the Castillo de San Marcos National monument

On the other side of St. George Street and right before the lovely Anastasia State Park you have the Castillo de San Marcos National monument! It recently reopened on Apr. 18th, 2021 and they are almost back in full swing! Whether it’s a Historic Weapon demonstration, experiencing “living history” with some of the park rangers, or just want to tour the fortress yourself then you can have some wonderful adventures! Add this to your to-do list before you travel to St. Augustine! 

  1. Visit Anastasia State Park

Anastasia State Park is a nature lover’s and beachgoer’s paradise. This is 1600 acres of lovely ecosystems and a large amount of wildlife. Spend the night at one of their campsites and sleep with the waves and the stars! There is also an abundance of activities to partake in like hiking, swimming, canoeing, paddleboarding, and anything else you want to do to stay active during your trip! Visiting St. Augustine doesn’t just mean you spend money on food and souvenirs!

  1. Get some rest and relaxation on St. Augustine Beach!

To round off this top five list we have St.Augustine beach! It has all the essentials and then some for a day for rest and relaxation! Whether it’s the scenic crystal blue water or the pristine white sand, you absolutely need to plan a day to visit this beach! Contact us to learn more about what to do before you travel to St. Augustine! Let us take care of the planning!

Trade Show Travel Company are experts at planning vacations. We will work with you to find the perfect vacation package to meet your budget and fulfill your wishes. Give us a call today and get started on planning your next amazing vacation! After you choose us, there will be no question on why you should hire a travel agency. Book now so you just have to focus on how you’re going to travel to St. Augustine!

Visiting Cocoa Beach, Florida in 2021.

cocoa beach florida pier

Here’s a list of different things you should know about visiting Cocoa beach. While visiting this lovely spot on the Space Coast, FL you will find loads of attractions to enjoy for yourself and your family.

Free parking

Many businesses and parks around the shore give visitors free parking, which is an awesome benefit to have.

Learn how to surf

Cocoa Beach is known for having waves that are very smooth and consistent, making it a wonderful place to learn how to surf. Many individuals come specifically for this endeavor from distinct states.

Cocoa Beach Pier

One of Cocoa Beach’s main attractions is its pier, which stretches over 800 feet above the ocean, with many restaurants, bars, and many other incentives that make it a booming place during the day and a quiet place during the night.

visit cocoa beach

Ron Jon Surf Shop

This is the largest surf shop in the world, full of life, with over 52,000 square feet. This is by far one of the best locations to visit and certainly one of the biggest attractions in Cocoa Beach fl. Open 24h a day, coated in led lighting, surfing accessories, and beach clothes. They have everything from bikinis, surfboards, and sports accessories that you might like for your beach lifestyle. And even if you won’t be shopping at all, it’s still worth visiting.

Eat Outside

There are several restaurants and catering businesses providing ocean views and outdoor environments for you to enjoy food, the climate, and the stunning scenery.


You can see and probably encounter several animal species native to the area, enjoying the beauty of kayaking along Cocoa Beach. For new individuals interested in such activities, many establishments give kayaking and surfing lessons.

Specialty cuisine

Unique food specialties such as fish tacos, fresh seafood, local fish and lobster, and grill have become privileged at this venue. Ideal for lunchtime!

Cocoa Beach Tours

Through land or sea, you have the choice of visiting various iconic locations nearby. Although boat tours will take you far deeper into the ocean, and visit places like Port Canaveral, where you can see the departure of Disney cruise ships and more; E-bikes will allow you to explore what is around you and interact with other visitors. ⠀

Paradise experience

The excitement doesn’t end, and visiting every venue and seeing every attraction in just one day will be pretty challenging. That is why, when it comes to accommodations, you will have lots of options here. There are many hotels and resorts in Cocoa Beach, including Hilton, Four Points, Hampton, and many others.

Book Your Vacation Package in Miami

Ready to visit Cocoa Beach Florida? Trade Show Travel Co can help you plan the perfect vacation for you, and help you save money while we are at it! You can expect the best deals you’ll find anywhere on the internet. Trade Show Travel Co offers you the best and most exciting travel packages. Look no further, no matter the destination, we are here to help you plan the best vacation of your life!

Boat Rentals in Miami

Boat Rentals in Miami are a great way to experience the area. If you’ve never explored Miami Beach by boat, you are missing a whole lot of fun! There are many options for boat rentals in Miami that are sure to please. From yachts to jet skis, there is no shortage of fun to have on the water in Miami.
Boat Rentals in Miami

What Kind of Boater are You?

People visit Miami Beach for different reasons. Some want a relaxing, tropical vacation in a beautiful area. They may want to sit by the beach, take in the sights and enjoy great food and drink. Instead of sitting by the beach, why not sit on a boat?
If you are part of a large group, Miami yacht rentals or tours might be a perfect idea. You will get a taste of luxury, see the city from the water, and have room for you and your friends and family.
If you’re looking for thrills, don’t worry. Miami has jet ski rentals as well as speedboat tours for some high-speed action! You can explore the bay with a healthy dose of adrenaline. If you have a large group, there are large vessels that still give you the excitement you are looking for! There are also many watersports to try out like parasailing or skiing.

Places to Visit by Boat Rental in Miami

island travel destination

A great reason for boat rentals in Miami is the access you gain. Certain places are difficult or impossible to reach by land. If you want to see the whole of Miami Beach, you’ve got to try boating. One example is Nixon Beach Sandbar. This popular spot is a great place to get off the boat and explore the water. Sandbars are very popular for parties. Hundreds of boats can show up on the weekends for a beach party like no other! Enjoy grilling, swimming music, and more.
Dock your boat at the Miami Beach Marina, and explore famous South Beach Miami. This is home to the historic Miami Architectural District. If you are a fan of the Art Deco style, you will love this place. You will be able to experience the style of the past in the popular area of Miami Beach. Don’t forget to bring a camera!
If you want to explore aquatic life and would enjoy a long boar ride, you won’t be far from the Dry Tortugas National Park. This is home to incredible coral reefs and seven small islands. The area is over 64,000 acres, submerged under crystal blue water. See the amazing aquatic life while snorkeling or enjoy the beauty from above!

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