Heart of the Irish: Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland

Looking to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style? Then head to Ireland, the home of this beloved holiday! From festive parades and traditional Irish music to delicious food and drink, there’s something for everyone in Ireland during St. Patrick’s Day. So why not start planning your trip today with Trade Show Travel Co.?

Start Your St. Patrick’s Day Celebration in Dublin 

St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin is a truly special event that everyone should enjoy, no matter where they are from or what religion they follow. Starting your St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Dublin is the perfect way to celebrate this special holiday. There you can attend the St. Patrick’s Day parade and explore all of the city’s many pubs. You will have an unforgettable time experiencing traditional Irish music and culture firsthand. Strolling through Dublin, in all its vibrant green decorations for St. Patrick’s Day, is not something to be missed out on! So come to Dublin today and start your St. Patrick’s Day celebration as it should be – surrounded by plenty of traditional Irish fun!

Make Your Way to Cork for the Best Traditional Irish Food

Planning a trip to Ireland? Make sure Cork is on your list! This coastal city offers incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as a much more laid-back atmosphere than the bigger Irish cities. But if you think that means missing out on the best of Irish culture and cuisine, think again. Cork’s bustling food markets boast some of the country’s tastiest traditional fare – think fresh-caught seafood, tantalizingly flavorful stews and soups, and mouth-watering desserts – so that you can experience authentic Irish cooking without all the hustle and bustle of Dublin. So, take a break from the energetic downtown scene and explore all that Cork has to offer – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Take a Scenic Drive Through the Countryside 

St. Patrick’s Day is a wonderful time of year to take a scenic drive through the countryside and experience Ireland’s breathtaking beauty. The lush rolling hills provide an endless mountain backdrop for miles, allowing you to indulge in nature’s finest sights and majestic features. Along the way, delight in quaint villages filled with secrets waiting to be discovered. Stop by small local farms, quaint pubs, and ancient monuments that have been standing proudly for centuries. Enjoy the charm of Irish hospitality everywhere you go! No St. Patrick’s celebration is complete without a scenic drive through Ireland; it’s sure to leave you with vibrant memories that last long after St. Patrick’s Day has passed.

Visit Belfast to Learn About History and Culture

Belfast has so much to offer visitors who want to delve into its history and culture! From the beautiful architecture of City Hall and the Parliament Buildings to the stirring murals of Shankhill Road and Falls Road, Belfast’s landmarks are more than just pretty pictures; they’re reminders of a tumultuous past that still affects the city today. And it’s not all heavy either –take a guided tour, and you might hear some funny stories about the locals that provide comic relief among the serious. Besides seeing all these historical sights, you can also get lost in a maze of pubs, explore arts and music venues, or even take a boat tour to discover what lies beyond Belfast shores. Whatever you’re after, there is something for everyone in charming Belfast!

End Your Trip in Galway

When visiting Ireland, the perfect way to end your journey is in Galway, a city that frequently comes alive with culture and entertainment. You’ll find incredible buskers lining the streets and captivating your senses with their traditional music in between shops and cafes. As the night draws in, head over to one of the many lively bars where you can watch some extraordinary live music performances. Don’t forget to leave room for dessert before your trip comes to an end with one of the city’s mouth-watering treats!


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St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland is truly something special! Start your celebration in Dublin by attending the parade and experiencing the lively atmosphere. From there, make your way to Cork to taste traditional Irish food. Then take a scenic drive through the countryside, meandering through roads lined with rolling green hills and towering castles. Belfast is a great stop if you are interested in learning about Northern Ireland’s unique history and culture, as well as seeing its famous landmarks. Finally, end your journey in Galway for a chance to explore its thriving streets with its delicious aromas, topped off with live music from one of the many bars. With so much to do and see around the Emerald Isle on St Patrick’s Day, it looks like there won’t be a shortage of exciting experiences. So don’t delay – book your trip now with Trade Show Travel Co. and plan the perfect St Patrick’s Day adventure!

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