Top 5 Things to Do in Orlando Florida

There is way more to sunny Orlando, Florida than meets the eye. Aside from Disney, Universal Studios, and all the water parks, there are some hidden gems that Orlando is known for. Have a blast checking out these top 5 attractions that Orlando also has to offer.

1. Ride the Orlando Eye

One of Florida’s foremost authorities when it comes to the panoramic majesty of downtown cityscapes. A four hundred foot Ferris Wheel set in the heart of Orlando, the Orlando Eye is both owned and operated by the same organization behind the famed European attraction, the London Eye. During your ride, you will enjoy time suspended above the ground in an enclosed, temperature controlled capsule, perfect for a visual of the city from above. On days when visibility is at a maximum, you can view Cape Canaveral to the east, and the downtown Orlando skyline in your immediate line of sight!

2.Watch an Orlando City Soccer Club game

Home to the Orlando City Soccer Club, one of the newest members of the Eastern Conference of the MLS is The Orlando City Stadium. Headlined at one time by former World Cup winner Kaká, Orlando City SC, the team exists as one of the more recent installments of the wildly popular Major League Soccer organization in North America. There’s never a reason why you can’t come out and support Orlando City. As the twenty-first team allowed admittance into the MLS, Orlando City’s distinct logo of a lion with a purple shield makes them very identifiable. Come out and support Orlando City SC the next time you’re in Orlando, and pick up a purple jersey during your stay!

3. Chill out at the largest permanent Ice Bar

Around all year and the largest in the world, The Ice Bar is located in Orlando. It is divided into two areas: the Ice Bar and the Fire Lounge. Upon entering, the Ice Princess will greet and provide you with Thermal Coats and Gloves. As you step inside, the frozen sculptures make the perfect setting for your selfies. Slip into the Fire Lounge for a night of dancing when you want to heat things up.

4. Visit the Kennedy Space Center

Just an hour’s drive away from Central Orlando, The Kennedy Space Center’s visitors’ complex offers IMAX movies, interactive space-flight simulators, the Shuttle Launch Experience, and the Astronaut Hall of Fame, just to name a few. You will get to see where the rockets are built, moved, and launched. There are several short videos about the space program while the bus driver drives you to the area. There are numerous rockets on display along with a replica of the Hubble telescope. The complex is scattered with monitors that screen short movies about different NASA ventures. There is a lot you’d want to see, so be sure to free an entire day for this extraordinary place.

5. Visit the beautiful Wekiwa Springs

Visitors are given the opportunity to relax, enjoy a picnic, or take a swim in the cool spring at The Wekiwa Springs. For those adrenaline junkies out there, you can get your fix by partaking in a plethora of water activities like canoeing, kayaking, snorkeling, as well as some other other activities like hiking and cycling.

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